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  • In business since 1974
  • Small, family-owned business with the credibility of a multi-national company
  • Now part of a German-based public company: TAKKT AG. (See our Company History)
  • Real People, Real Service

Many e-commerce companies with online catalogs exist only in cyberspace. They are "virtual traders or brokers" who do not physically own the physical inventory [real warehouse] and seldom have "real persons" to contact when there is a back-end problem with your order. We are different. Displays2go has been manufacturing both "in-stock" and "custom" point of purchase displays in house, in our own facilities, since 1974! Additionally, we staff a call center which incorporates a "special services" department for "back-end" customer's needs.

We manufacture 60% of the 4,000+ products we offer, with 40% sourced very selectively from domestic and overseas suppliers who have surpassed our rigorous quality expectations. We hand-pick these sourced vendors, determine their value products, and establish relationships with their US, European or Asian factories. Whether manufactured here by Displays2go or inventoried from a preferred supplier, you can be sure we are closely monitoring all quality and packaging standards.

We currently occupy 210,000 square feet of manufacturing/warehouse space. We're here to answer questions, which is why we don't hide our 800 number on our website. Call us at 800-572-2194 anytime 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM EST Monday through Thursday and 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST on Friday.

Why should you choose us?

Warehouse Main Warehouse

Largest Display Warehouse:

We are the leading "in stock" and "proprietary display" manufacturer with the largest display warehouse in the country. With over 4,000 unique products and a physical inventory of over one million displays on any given day, we know of no other competitor prepared to service and ship like us. Many of the point of purchase and trade show display manufacturers won't put "live inventory, actual quantities in stock" on their web pages. This separates us from any of the virtual brokers who shoppers should be aware of. In order to publicize live inventories, you need to offer same day shipping for the customer who really needs the displays in hand the next day.

Call Center

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Customer Service:

When you call Displays2go you get "live" customer service, not a voice mail system. Not only is it "live" customer service, but product knowledgeable. Displays2go has an on site call center with over 25 customer care specialists. We also offer "live" online chat on our website pages, with immediate response.

Our customer service agents are trained intricately about the details of thousands of products. The products are demonstrated in the call center (or if the product is too big, in a training classroom) for the representatives to become acclimated with the details, to ask questions and forecast issues from which they will have to respond to inquisitive customers. They are also trained to quote shipping costs and freight costs for many types of orders that require extra service, such as inside delivery options, expedited air shipments, etc. We provide the reps with a direct line to a real production floor, and access to our quality control managers to get the "right answer" for you. They are able to respond to questions/possible issues such as:

  • When will my order be shipping?
  • I am trying to assemble this display and I think I am missing a piece.
  • I received most of my order (4 boxes) but not all of it.
  • I opened the box and there is a scratch on my display.

Shipping Department

A Real Shipping Department:

If your in-stock order is placed by 1:00 p.m. EST it gets shipped the same day! We have pickers and packers on the move all day long. Multiple truck trailers from FedEx, UPS, ABF freight and other common carriers exit our loading docks daily. In addition to seamless order placement with "direct to the shipping department" efficiency- we also control the boxing configurations, protective packaging, and optimization of your shipment:
  • Consolidating two, three, or four different types of display units into one box to save on ship costs.
  • Making sure the thinner boxes are "double boxed" or packed with more than adequate protection to avoid breakage (yes, unfortunately, some plexiglass displays do break in shipping).
  • Calculating comparative costs such as whether to ship your twenty boxes loose by UPS or combine them onto a pallet for a common carrier truck shipment.
  • Drop shipping to your 300 retail, dealer, or branch locations. We can efficiently manufacture an advertising display, insert printed graphics, brochures, and your customized instruction sheet into the box kit, and drop ship them direct- saving you fulfillment house charges and double shipping costs.

Production Area Woodworking

Real Production, Assembly & Overseas Sourcing Departments:

A real manufacturer with over 210,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. We produce thousands of displays daily to ensure that our warehouses stay stocked for the fastest possible service. We have a team of manufacturers expertly trained in acrylic, wood and metal. We offer over 35+ years of knowledge in cutting, bending, shaping, woodworking, silk-screening, printing, varnishing, model making and various other fields. When we offer a product that is sourced from overseas, it's a choice made by our owners. They spend months every year overseas, visiting manufacturing factories first-hand to evaluate quality workmanship and establish true business relationships, unlike many "brokers" of sourced products.

Laser Assembly Line Laser Cutting Acrylic Polishing

Custom Headers Silkscreen Department

Concept to Completion - Fast Custom Jobs:

We are a leading "custom" point of purchase and trade show display fabricator and manufacturer. On any given day, our production floor has over twenty custom jobs running, each one evolved and developed from our customer's own creativity and product criteria. Both our model making department and our "small runs department" push out unique custom developed samples and prototypes in hours- not days. During the process these custom samples are integrated into final end-use point of sale marketing displays on our own shop and production floors.

Wood Shop 
	Kiosk Department

Real Woodworking and Kiosk Assembly:

Our full time woodworking and kiosk department creates our larger wooden displays, lecterns, slatwall products, poster frames and select brochure holders. We continue to invest in the latest technologies in order to improve our capabilities in edging, finishing, staining, painting and woodwork assembly.

A Company with Integrity

Displays2go has 2 hands-on owners who enjoy the challenges of growing a successful business. Because of their integral day-to-day involvement a work ethic and quality standard is vicariously dispersed among the factory and all personnel. Long standing, loyal workers take pride in interviewing and grading new candidates for open positions.

Unlimited Customer Testimonials

Success for over 35 years does not come from taking short-cuts! We have an impeccable heritage of "making the customer whole", delivering exactly what the customer expected, defect free, and when they expected it. Our customer list and references might be impressive, but we take nothing for granted. If you walk our production floor on any given day you can see careful attention to detail on all jobs, large or small.