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Looking for a bracket for TV to mount in a home or office?Use these brackets for TV to mount a plasma monitor to the wall. This online catalog features wall mounts in various sizes and styles, something to satisfy most any need. This bracket for TV can hold an LCD monitor of varying sizes. These wall mounts range in size from 10" all the way up to 65". The bracket for TV featured here come with all of the necessary hardware to successfully hang an LCD or plasma television. In some rare instances, special screws may be required; however any additional parts can be purchased at a local hardware store. The bracket for TV shown above is available in a black finish, to blend with the color of the flat panel television. Some of the ceiling mounts offered here also come in silver as well. This bracket for TV shopping page has a breakdown of the different items by features, monitory size, and VESA mount size.

These brackets for TV feature a large range of motion.All of the LCD wall mounts offered here meet the VESA standards and guidelines. The VESA standards refer to the pattern of mounting holes located on the back of an LCD or plasma television. By adhering to these guidelines this bracket for TV is guaranteed to fit most any flat screen monitor within the specified size range. For more information regarding VESA and mounting hole configurations visit this mounting instructional page.

This bracket for TV with articulating arms is one of the best selling items month after month. These flat panel mounts have a wide range of motion that allows the viewer the convenience of adjusting the screen with just a simple nudge. These articulating brackets for TV can be tilted up and down as well as left to right. With some of the adjustable wall mounts, the plasma screen can even be brought outward away from the wall. These brackets for TV have so much flexibility it's no wonder that they are the preferred wall mounts for business offices and homes alike. These wall mounts are commonly seen in a doctor's office in the waiting room for entertainment purposes, or in a home theater. These brackets for TV are ideal for atmospheres that require frequent adjustments to the viewing angle to accommodate different audience members.

The latest addition to these brackets for TV is the remote controlled mount. These brackets for TV allow for slight adjustments.These flat screen holders are perfect for a lounge or restaurant that typically hangs televisions overhead, out of reach. The motorized feature of these brackets for TV allows the user the convenience of adjusting the viewing angle without having to be in close proximity of the displayed monitor. The range of LCD panels that can be held on these mounts range in size from 26" up to 55". All of these remote controlled brackets come with a wireless remote, and sensor. The range of motion for these LCD holders is approximately 20 degrees total, and can be tilted upward and downward.

With the newest technology in television manufacturing becoming thinner; there is no longer the need to purchase the big cumbersome entertainment centers to display a TV. More and more buyers are opting to mount a flat screen or plasma television on wall mounts, keeping the living space less cluttered. Another advantage to wall mounts is that it keeps the television out of the reach of curious kids and clumsy pets. Many of the mounting fixtures available here can hold a wide array of monitor sizes. This is a beneficial feature that enables users to keep the same wall mounts when they decide to upgrade to a larger screen size. This versatility also allows business customers to use the same fixtures throughout the office, maintaining a uniform decor. No matter what the need, customers are sure to find LCD wall mounts here that will meet their expectations!

Can these wall mounts be attached by one installer?
  • While most of these fixtures can be installed by one person, an assistant is beneficial when attaching the television.
  • For the smaller fixed wall mounts, an extra person is not necessary.
  • When installing larger plasma monitors, two people are a must for safety purposes.
What other factors should be taken into consideration when mounting a flat screen to a wall?
  • Plasma televisions should not be mounted over a fireplace as they are susceptible to heat.
  • Prior to hanging these wall mounts, make certain that the weight of the plasma TV does not exceed the weight specifications of the bracket.
  • For customers who have never hung an LCD monitor before, professional installation, or assistance is highly recommended.

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