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Business card holders are used to display corporate name cards in a neat and professional manner. There are currently many designs and styles of company logo card stands available here to satisfy almost any need, like acrylic, wood, metal, and even faux leather. What benefits does a business card holder offer? These practical racks keep corporate cards organized and close at hand at all times. Wood and acrylic business card holders are usually placed on a desk, so new or potential customers can readily access the information. Plastic wall mounted business card racks are different from the desk accessories in that they keep tabletops and work space clear. Many of the business card holders, also referred to as hanging calling card dispensers, feature multi-pocket configurations. This way, users can display many business cards at a time. Choose from a wide range of fixtures including desktop, wall mounted, and even slatwall business card pockets. There are also sign holders with name card compartments as well as outdoor solutions.

Business Card Holder What are some of the advantages of using a business card stand?
  • Desktops often get cluttered during the course of the day. The acrylic and plastic business card holders are a great way to arrange lots of printed materials into a single fixture.
  • Contact card holders are an effective means for clients to take your contact information for future reference.
  • Many large offices have a single display for holding all the employee’s cards.

Business card stands, sometimes referred to as calling card racks, hold printed promotional materials in a visible way. No matter if wall hanging or desk accessories are selected, the company contact information will be professionally presented. For an office that has several corporate cards to display, there are several multi-pocket options available. These desktop models are great for a doctors' offices, service centers, trade show booths, retail sales counters, and other places that have many representatives. A business card compact can be ordered in many sizes and styles, so any situation can be accommodated! Our acrylic holders are available in custom designs as well. Get desk or wall accessories personalized with a company logo to enhance brand recognition among prospective customers.

Most business cards are printed on 3-1/2" x 2", which is the standard business card size. In fact, business card dimensions are approximately the same size of a credit card. Plastic gift cards from retailers are also similarly sized. As a result, the stands and racks can be used to display all kinds of different items. All of the name card displays featured here will hold This desktop business card holder is for an office with many agents. standard sized cards, although our custom department is able to create personalized dimensions as well as logo designs. There are many types of holders for business cards for sale here including, wood, metal, and acrylic boxes. Some users choose to have their metal models engraved for a custom look. In addition, we offer outdoor business card bins suitable for real estate agencies or other professional offices that have after hours visitors. Large sales offices necessitate the multi-pocket wall mount racks because of all the agents working in the establishment. Because the cases for calling cards come in both wall mount and countertop styles, anyone can get the right style. Many people use the multi-pocket holders to offer a wide range of name cards, or even gift cards, without consuming a lot of valuable counter or wall space.

Why use these outdoor business card systems?
  • Exterior rated models allow potential customers to pick up a card after hours of operation.
  • These weatherproof pockets are designed to withstand the elements as well as most weather conditions, thereby protecting your name cards.
  • Potential clients do not have to wait until the building opens to pick up the necessary information.

One of the newest product lines among these card holders are wall mount units. TheseAcrylic Business Card Case fixtures are offered with various numbers of pockets. Often times, the hanging racks are used as a means of generating additional income. Users will simply charge a nominal fee for local businesses to place their cards in the dispenser rack. Ideally, the owner would charge local professionals a nominal fee per pocket, which helps create exposure to various establishments while developing a sense of community. After just a few months, the visiting card dispenser will have paid for itself and provide a source of income with very little time and money invested.

If you are shopping for an upscale display that holds several name cards, a wooden business card stand showcases cards with style. There are several finishes offered in three, six, and nine tiered pockets. Choose from various oak and mahogany styles. Purchase the one that holds the correct number of calling cards and matches the surroundings. The stain colors include light or medium oak as well as dark red mahogany. These wood business card stands serve as an attractive means of distributing personal information to prospective clients.

Many corporate offices offer brochures and magazines along with business cards. With that Holders for Business Cards in mind, we have created several displays that incorporate both literature holders and company info card compartments in one unit. There are styles that include a brochure pocket or magazine compartment with the visiting card holders. These combination units allow users to maintain desks and keep tabletops neat and orderly while displaying important material. These displays make the information readily accessible for people to take and begin a new partnership.

There are thousands of display products for sale in this online catalog. From tabletop cases to wall mount and outdoor displays, there is a rack or stand for your standard business card size materials. These corporate card organizers are an effective means to showcase personal information on a desk top and make them easily accessible. The carriers with business card dimensions keep all of the information organized in a professional manner. There are sign stands with name card pockets that allow the placement of additional graphics along with a pocket for placing contact information. Many of the models can be wall mounted, which saves space on desks and accommodates many more cards in several pockets.

Browse through thousands of POP displays available on this website with fast shipping. In addition there is a large collection of literature dispensers and sign displays with pockets! The main shopping page is organized to direct shoppers to the appropriate type of product. This company has been making and selling marketing display solutions; all of which are ready for same day shipping. Do you have questions about any of the products available here, or have something else in mind? Contact one of our customer service agents who will be happy to answer all of your questions. To receive a fast response, click on the live chat icon, available Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm EST. There are currently three warehouses filled with quality promotional displays. This online catalog is updated often to include the latest marketing solutions. With more than two million units in-stock, there are sure to be hundreds of products that will meet your display needs!