Exhibition Accessories and Equipment for Trade Shows

Exhibition Accessories Enhance the Trade Show Experience

Closeup of the lamp on a trade show spotlight

Designing the inside of your booth with big, eye-catching displays is the aim of every exhibitor. However, success often resides in the smaller details. These exhibition accessories may not be at the forefront, but they are equally important. Think of them as finishing touches that add value to your overall presentation. Exhibition accessories take the shape of portable lighting, sign & brochure displays, and transport equipment. Surely one can't base the entire design of their booth with these items, rather they enhance the trade show experience for not only you but also your visitors.

    What kinds of exhibition accessories are available?
  • Portable spotlights let you add pinpoint illumination virtually anywhere inside your booth. Attach them to the top of banner stands or pop-up walls. The lamp bases feature clamps with springs or thumb screws to make them as universal as possible. You also have the option of selecting halogen or LED bulb illumination.
  • Signage and literature accessories attach to trade show displays with hook & loop receptive fabric. Examples of these include tabletop display boards and back walls with pop-up frameworks. We offer a handful of acrylic sign holders in standard paper sizes. Brochure pockets are another convenient display. Store takeaway literature such as company information, price guides, and catalogs within easy reach. All models come with hook & loop strips already attached to the rear side. These accessories offer an affordable way to display signs and/or information inside your booth.
  • Equipment carts and dollies are the unsung heroes when it comes to trade show duties. These provide a comfortable way to transport stanchions, displays, and other supplies across long distances. This is something to think about, considering the amount of real estate inside a typical convention hall. Choose a simple handtruck or opt for a convertible dolly that offers lots of possible configurations to suit the object(s).

What more can these add-ons do for you at the expo? Incorporating spotlights inside your booth creates extra focus in lieu of other light sources going on during a show. Whether it's showcasing merchandise, printed graphics, or other promotional items, the extra illumination makes for a better, professional presentation. Some lamps even feature swiveling heads that point the beam of light precisely where you need it. Combine acrylic sign frames and pockets with our hook & loop receptive booth fixtures. These exhibit displays provide a blank canvas for every show or job fair. The accessories offer great flexibility as well as excellent value because everything is reusable. Transporting your supplies to the booth doesn't have to be a struggle. Let our utilitarian hand carts and dollies make easy work of it. Their practicality and usefulness extend far beyond the realm of trade shows!