Small Countertop Display Cases for Retail Use

Acrylic Cases for Countertop Merchandising & Collectible Showcases

These acrylic display cases are suitable for showcasing sports memorabilia.

These acrylic cases come in a variety of styles and sizes - large and small. These countertop showcases can hold dolls, pastries or other small memorabilia in a home, or hold jewelry and other products in a retail store. In the end, plastic showcases are the economical way to display merchandise. For a more broad selection of countertop showcases visit the acrylic displays page!

Many of the small display cases featured here are suitable for showcasing memorabilia or small retail merchandise such as jewelry or electronics. Collectors like to use these countertop showcases to hold autographed sports merchandise such as; footballs, baseballs, or jerseys. Use these acrylic display cases to protect a preferred sports trophy. For retail stores, some of the countertop showcase fixtures can be used to display pastries, cupcakes or other bulk food merchandise.

Use these acrylic display cases to exhibit a collectible football.Countertop display cases for sale here are the clear choice when it comes to a way to exhibit sports memorabilia, model cars, collectibles or even pastries. Whether its baseball, football, or basketball memorabilia, these acrylic display cases are a smart and affordable alternative to custom glass displays, with just about the same look. Our counter top display cases can also provide a way for you to proudly display your die cast scale model NASCAR car, food and many other small collectibles. The acrylic is well protected during shipping, to lessen damage due to a carrying mishap. Buy a small display cabinet today!

This acrylic display case protects a collectible baseball without obscuring the view.These showcases are CNC laser cut to ensure consistent quality, and dismiss the need for the labor intensive, stress creating bonding process. This process polishes the edges while cutting, allowing for cost reduction by eliminating the need for diamond polishing, or flame polishing.

    Are any of these small display cases made with glass or have mirrors?
  • All of the units shown here are made with acrylic, which is inherently more safe, and less of a liability if it gets broken.
  • There are a select few small display cases that feature a mirrored base that reflects the displayed item.
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    Does this small display case ship fully assembled?
  • Most of the merchandise shown here ship in one box, but are packed such that the top and base would need to be attached.
  • This small display case typically consists of two components that are intended to be removed and replaced frequently.
  • The units with the aluminum framing do ship completely assembled.

These counter top display cases for collectibles are perfect for dolls, action figures, model cars, and any other small cherished merchandise. Any precious collection can be safeguarded in these countertop units. Whether you are shopping for dust-free exhibits for antiques, shot glasses, or die cast cars, these pre-assembled acrylic display case fixtures should be one of your supplies. Our large selection of countertop showcases and small display cases are built with quality craftsmanship. In addition to the products shown on this page we have a broader selection of small display cabinets, trophy cases, and curio cabinets. We also have a full spectrum of point of purchase displays which can be seen at the main shopping categories page. This is a real life company, not just an internet business! Three on site warehouses in Bristol, Rhode Island house this massive collection of products. Supplemental product lines beyond POP displays includes retail showcases, plastic displays, and custom store merchandising.