Large Acrylic Lead Boxes - With Headers & Pocket

Acrlyic Lead Boxes Constructed From Acrylic are Larger To Accommodate more Ballots

Use these acrylic contest boxes for prize rafflesNeed a way to store large quantities of information or donations? These acrylic lead boxes are an ideal choice. With plenty of storage space and a wide variety of styles, choose the contest bin that works best for any business, school, office or retail store. These acrylic displays are higher quality than corrugate cardboard boxes and have sturdier construction. Use these displays to tally votes, contests or raffles. There are plenty of great features to each of these boxes that really make them stand out from similar displays. Most of these lead boxes feature a locking design. Keep ballots and money safe from theft or tampering. Each box features a slit across the top for users to drop in voting slips and cash. Many of these lead boxes are translucent, so people can see how much was already donated.

Large raffle boxes can collect contact information at trade showsThis lead box is a great way to begin raising money for a fundraiser. With the area for signage it is easy to advertise a cause or a charity. Donors will be more willing if they know what type of cause their money will be going towards. Putting these displays in any busy public place should help see donations rise quickly. Put these lead boxes in the middle of a busy office complex and many people will donate their pocket change on their way in, which is sure to add up quickly. Many of these boxes also feature brochure holders and pockets. Keep supplemental materials on the sides of these boxes. The larger size of these acrylic lead boxes can accommodate more information, tickets and suggestion forms.

What are the benefits of these lead boxes?

  • Larger size can contain more ballots
  • Signage areas can promote a business or specialty service
  • Acrylic is sturdier than similar corrugated cardboard displays

This lead box has an acrylic constructionIn charge of running school elections or student council? A lead box is ideal for collecting votes. Allow students to submit without having to worry about their choices being seen. School can be a popularity contest, so keeping votes secret can level out the playing field for all of the candidates. Use these boxes for classroom comments or suggestions as well. Students will feel a lot more comfortable if they know they have a venue through which they can voice their opinions anonymously. At the end of the week read the suggestions and open some good ideas up to a group discussion.

More and more health clubs have been using these suggestion boxes in their facilities. These boxes are a good way for gym owners to manage issues with faulty equipment or improve overall conditions. Feedback is one of the quickest ways for any company to grow and can help see rapid improvement. Guests and members will be pleased if they know their complaints are being addressed. Knowing feedback is respected and appreciated helps member retention rates. Use a registration box for members to submit suggestions as well! New class ideas are a great way to increase membership. Having a central location to collect important information can help users organize and improve the overall functioning of a business. Choose acrylic comment boxes today to see instant feedback so you can start improving your business.