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Display Cases for Collectibles for Commercial or Residential Use

These display cases for collectibles are ideal for displaying fragile objects.Where else can you find display cases for collectibles offered at such reasonable prices? Most likely nowhere else in the US will you find such great craftsmanship combined with low pricing. We strive to offer collectors cabinets of remarkable quality at competitive prices. Browse the entire selection of display cases for collectibles to see smaller sizes, different styles, and several applications for these merchandise. Along with this collector display cabinet, there are also individual store counters, retail store configurations, wine cabinets and optical displays. Many of these display cases for collectibles are intended for both home and business use to display such items as model cars, authentic sports gear, or glass figurines. The majority of these wooden cabinets feature adjustable shelving to allow the user to configure the showcase to their liking. All of collectible display cases are made with tempered glass. This safety glass is more manageable in comparison to standard plate glass. If the glass breaks, it shatters into small rounded pieces. Given this safety feature; retail stores prefer, and often times require that all of their fixtures be tempered. A lot of these display cases for collectibles also feature fine quality wooden accents. Each different product line is offered in multiple wood grain finishes to match or complement most any décor. One of the other great features is the locking capability. Commercial locations especially need to keep the displayed items secured, and control access.

Use these display cases for collectibles in a home or retail store.These collectors display cases are extra large to fit plenty of model cars or other sports memorabilia. With styles suitable for both home and retail use, customers are sure to find a cabinet or showcase to suit their needs. There are many sizes and finishes of to choose from including laminate, anodized aluminum, wood, and glass in full vision, half vision, curved, and rectangular shaped cabinets. These collectors display cases, also known as cabinets, feature up to 5 shelves and many feature hidden storage areas. Not only are these wood showcases made of quality materials, they ship fast when in stock. Many competitors ship this collectors display case in weeks, whereas most of the same fixtures ship from one of our three warehouses in a couple of days. There are even a select few units featured above that even qualify for same day shipping when in stock. This collectors display case must be purchased prior to 1pm EST to be eligible for immediate shipment.

Use these display cases for collectibles to display such items as model cars or sports memorabilia.There is also a wide range of counter top acrylic boxes for sale here suitable for single items such as; sports balls, model cars, and other priceless items. These collector display cases typically feature an acrylic cover and a wooden base. Much like the larger floor models mentioned above these smaller boxes come in several shapes and sizes. Likewise, these collector display cases can be used in a retail setting or a home or personal office. Display your preferred NASCAR model car, or autographed sports team souvenir in one of these acrylic boxes. There are cases that feature an aluminum framing with a locking frame feature that will keep fragile or high-end objects safe and secure. These collectible displays are offered with a silver or black metal extrusion that adds a splash of color to an otherwise clear fixture.

How is this collector display case cleaned?
  • For any of the glass cabinets, a regular household ammonia-based cleaner is adequate.
  • For the acrylic displays, a mild detergent and warm water is best.
  • For further information on how to clean any of these collector display cabinets, feel free to contact a member of our call center staff.
What kind of cases are used for sports memorabilia?
  • For the individual collector; small countertop acrylic cabinets are typically the favored method.
  • Retailers typically use collectible display cases that make a huge impact such as these large wooden towers.
  • Whether a collector display cabinet, or a small acrylic box; all of these collectors showcases will complement your cherished items beautifully.

In addition to these showcases there are many other types of merchandise offered here! Besides these glass cabinets there are such items as; store counters, trade show accessories, acrylic boxes, and wooden tower showcases. Displays2go has been in this business for over four decades. This company began as a sole proprietorship, making custom acrylic POP displays and then offering them to local banks and other big-name corporations in and around the state. As the orders picked up; a free-standing factory building was purchased, production workers were hired, and the returning and new clients grew exponentially. Then with the evolution of the World Wide Web, this website was generated which enabled us to offer more merchandise to customers all around the country. Within the past few years this company now occupies three warehouses filled with over a million units, many of which, ship the same day and order is placed. In stock requests received prior to 1pm EST ship the same day, while orders received after the cutoff ship the following business day. Some restrictions do apply with custom or artwork related items. With more than 4,000 unique display merchandise available, this site is able to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of customers from multiple different objects groups. This online catalog is constantly expanding to include new items. Come back frequently to take advantage of all the great selections. This website is the nation's #1 choice for all POP displays! Thanks for patronage!