Wooden Display Cases w/ Raised Base

Rectangular, Wooden Display Cases w/ Raised Base

These wooden display cases, trophy cabinets, and glass showcases are built with quality craftsmanship. Use these large wood showcases in a home or business lobby to provide a means of displaying a lot of awards, collectibles or other merchandise that need to be protected. Are these wood display cabinets shipped fully assembled? Yes, in fact, these wood and glass cabinets are ready for use upon arrival. Upon receiving these wooden display cases, customers will only need to place the shelves at the desired height. Given the enormous height and width of these units, customers should insure that these fixtures will fit through all doorways and passageways prior to placing an order. The dimensions for these wooden display cases are all listed on the specific product pages. The majority of these wood showcases are built to order, yet ship within one to two weeks. The wooden display cases, like those shown here are typically used to house fragile collectibles, a preferred collection, or even awards and other trophies. The front of these large wood showcase cabinets features sliding glass doors that lock. These wooden display cases that lock are perfect for use in public areas. All of the glass components of these towers are made with tempered glass. Again, these wooden display cases are therefore suitable for use in areas where a large number of people will come in contact with the unit on a daily basis. The safety glass makes these cabinets much less of a hazard if they should happen to break. Buy these wooden display cases for your business office or lobby today!

This website also offers similar units that hang on a wall, as well as smaller floor units. Browse the wooden display case categories to find the one that fits your needs. These glass show cases are great for accolades, as an exhibit case, a lobby showcase or a protected display of priceless memorabilia. This wooden display case has many great features that add to the overall great value of this product line. This wood tower showcase is offered with overhead lighting. In addition this wooden display case is also available with optional side track lights. This feature allows these units to be placed in rooms that are dimly lit, without having to worry about the merchandise on exhibit not being able to be seen. The wooden display case for sale here come with floor levelers to compensate for uneven or carpeted flooring.

This company started out as an acrylics manufacturer that built a limited number of different displays that were offered to local financial establishments around the state. Over the past four decades, this business has quickly become one of the leading suppliers of hundreds of types of display products. Many e-commerce websites with online catalogs only exist in cyber space. This company is an actual manufacturer with a three large warehouses containing over a million units. Although this online catalog is available 24 hours a day, there is also a call center consisting of staff members that are also here during regular business hours to assist customers. Call a customer service representative between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST, Monday thru Friday at 1-800-572-2194, Fax: 401-247-0392. Thank you for shopping here, and please come back again soon!