4-Panel Trade Show Display Boards - Briefcase or Carry Bags

Trade Show Display Boards w/ 4-Panels & Integrated Lighting

Trade Show Display Boards4 panel table top displays are ideal for presenters and trade show vendors. These boards provide ample space to display lots of information to reinforce points and provide contextual information. There are several different styles of this board and all are portable. "Briefcase" 4 panel display boards are single-sided. No carrying case is required as they fold up into a hard cover case with a handle. These panels are the Transformers of trade show displays. Double sided displays are great for making a two-sided presentation, or having two different set ups ready to go. These displays come with a carry bag for easy transportation. Many displays also feature attachable lights.

Use this tabletop exhibition at a business meeting or tradeshow as a means of showcasing your goods and services. Another popular use for this four panel presentation board is at a job fair. Businesses can use this trade show display board to showcase images of their facilities as well as offer informative literature for interested attendees to take home and read further. This tradeshow exhibit is highly portable and easy for one person to set up and take down. Simply remove the trade show display boards from the included carrying bag, unfold each panel, slant the sides inward slightly for stability, and the unit is ready for use. All of the presentation exhibits offered here come with two included halogen spotlights. This tabletop exhibition can therefore be used in any setting regardless of the overhead lighting. Simply attach an adjustable light to each of the side panels and run the power cord through the back side of the unit. These trade show display boards will still look amazing even in a dimly light conference room with this additional lighting. The heads on these portable halogen lights swivel to allow users to direct the illumination to the desired area of the presentation system.

Table Top DisplaysPresentation boards, exhibit displays, and other trade show display systems are great for a wide variety of applications. A conference organizer can use this presentation board at the entrance to the meeting room to announce the itinerary for the day. Another use for this tabletop exhibition is in lieu of a custom printed banner stand at a tradeshow. This display system is a snap to change out graphics and other attachments with simple hook and loop strips. This tabletop exhibit is exceptionally versatile and can be tailored for use at any type of conference, tradeshow, corporate function or event. Further personalize the look and feel of your booth. Choose from nine text colors for your wording or simple logo. Begin taking the right steps today to start making your trade show a success.

    Are these portable booths exhibits identical on both sides?
  • The front and back of these presentation display systems feature hook & loop-receptive fabric that allows for accessories to be attached easily with touch fastener strips.
  • These table top exhibits feature black fabric on one side and gray fabric on the other.
  • Having two different colors is like getting two tradeshow booth systems for the price of one.
    Can these portable booths exhibits be used outdoors?
  • These portable exhibit systems are intended for use indoor venues such as a conference or tradeshow.
  • These table top displays are made with fabric and other materials that could be damaged if they were to come in contact with moisture.
  • These presentation systems could be placed outside in fair weather conditions for a short period of time, ideally under a canopy or pop up booth.

Table Top DisplaysThere are hundreds of other trade show and exhibit supplies offered on this site. Choose from; banner stands, flags, back walls, custom printed table covers and much more. Exhibitors can quickly find all that they need to design and outfit an exciting and effective trade show booth that will help to attract more customers to their business. Public conferences and events are often crowded with hundreds of exhibitors all competing for the attention of the attendees. The only factor that sets one vendor apart from the rest is the presentation system they use within their booth area. On average an exhibitor has three seconds to catch the attention of a passerby. Choose from a number of huge custom printed back walls that pop up and "pop-out" with vibrant colors and images. Another simple means of standing out in the sea of exhibitors is with a hanging banner. These large exhibits hang from the overhead allowing them to be seen from everywhere within the venue.