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Food Displays - Countertop & Service Items for The Food Service Industry

Food Displays Help Increase Efficiency in the Restaurant & Buffet Industry

Use this food display in a bakery to offer pastries and other treats.Are you shopping for a food display to place near a cash register or on the service counter? Do you need new bulk food bins for your deli or grocery store? These food displays are essential to bakeries, and other food institutions to showcase their products, or baked goods. There are several sizes and styles offered on this site; most of which are available for same day shipping. Acrylic food displays allow customers to have a full view of the muffins, cookies, or other delicious food items. Most of these bakery cases are built with hinged doors for either front or rear access. These food displays can also be used by retailers as a dump bin for smaller products to allow customers easy access, and full visibility. These acrylic bakery cases are also suitable for showcasing small electronics or jewelry. Additionally, the food displays shown here come with removable shelves to make it easier to change out your food, or retail products. This design feature also allows users the freedom to place items of varying heights within these cases. Food displays for restaurants and retail stores are ideal for keeping food fresh and protected. The clear acrylic design of these bakery cases allows for an unobstructed view of the entire contents.

This food display is suitable for use in a restaurant or café to house fresh pastry. Food displays are available in many sizes and shapes. Choose from this large selection of bakery cases and bulk bins in acrylic and metal framing. These food displays are great as candy bins, food storage bins, or as bulk food bins. Some of these dispensers have hinged lids that lift open. Other food displays shown above, are also designed so that several units can be stacked on top of each other while maintaining accessibility to the contents. We also sell various trays separate for displaying other bakery items or pastries. To find an acrylic food display that meets your restaurant or point of purchase display needs, click any of the above images or to view the entire selection see our main shopping pages. There are many other restaurant supply options to choose from within this online catalog.

This food display helps to keep the contents fresh and protected.We have currently added several new food display options such as this ice cream cone case, and the bagel holder. These specialty fixtures are made with quality clear acrylic that not only looks great, but also helps to maintain the freshness of the contents. Are you looking for a way to increase sales without investing a lot of money on print advertising? Buy a food display and strategically place it next to a check-out area or cash register in your retail store or bakery. Shoppers will be enticed by the pastry, or other retail items that are placed within the case. This food display is a simple and fairly inexpensive solution to increased sales through impulse purchases.

    Are any of these bulk bins offered with refrigerated options?
  • All of these bakery cases and retail display fixtures offered here are intended for items that sell quickly such as pastries, cookies or donuts.
  • All of these bulk food bins are non-refrigerated, tiered cases with adjustable shelving.
  • These bakery cases can be used to showcase food items or other small retail merchandise.
    Do these bakery cases come with additional shelves?
  • These tiered restaurant display cabinets are sold with a set number of included trays.
  • There are a select few bakery cases that are available with optional shelves sold separately.
  • For further information regarding any of these bulk bins please read the specific product details, or contact one of our representatives.

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