Daycare Furniture - Bookshelves, Cubbies, Dress Islands

Preschool & Daycare Furniture Rounds Out any Toddler's Classroom

Run a preschool or daycare service, but having trouble finding all the storage you need. This daycare furniture collection offers bookshelves, cubbies, storage areas, chairs,dress islands, sleeping mats, and more. We carry brands ECR4Kids and Jonti-Craft products, just to name a few! When operating a daycare, preschool or kindergarten service, one of the biggest enrollment factors is the overall presentation of the classroom environment. Having the right furniture in place can be a deciding factor of whether or not a parent will enroll their toddler in the class. With the collection from Displays2go, classrooms can have all the accessories needed to foster an organized an fun environment.

Books are the key to any young child's education, which is way kindergarten level classes are filled with vast amounts of books. But, as many instructors may know, you need somewhere to put those books or things are going to get real messy. Believe it or not, toddlers aren't the best at putting stuff back where they got it. Daycare bookshelves make it incredibly easy to organize and hold a large amount of books to conserve space. Some of the front facing shelves are great for both organizing and displaying books. Show off the classroom's picture book collection for both parents and kids alike to view.

Daycare cubbies are essential to any preschool environment, in fact you'd be hard pressed to find a classroom without one. Assigning each child a cubby is a great way to teach kids a sense of responsibility and ownership. It will also help teachers understand who's stuff is whose. Choose between the vertical or horizontal cubbies to fit classroom needs. They also fit both books or personal items so can double as a shelf.

Some of the specific features of these categories can be really effectively used in classrooms. Mobile displays are ideal for rolling out during specific times of the day like story time or clean up. Easily push a rolling book cart aside when it's not going to be in use and keep storage space tucked away in the corner.