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27 x 40 Poster Frame | Sized for Movie Prints & Hollywood Playbills

Movie Poster Frames in 27 x 40 and 27 x 41 Sizes

Movie Poster FrameThis 27 x 40 poster frame is just one of the specialties provided in our online catalog. These Hollywood movie bill displays and 27 x 41 print holders are available in a wide assortment of styles and colors. Why do 27 x 41 and 27 x 40 poster frame models necessitate their own category? Typically theater posters and movie signage is printed on 27" x 40" material; however the 27" x 41" size is also becoming increasingly prevalent among the market. The 27 x 40 poster frame, collectively called movie poster frames, can create a fun an exciting showcase for film enthusiasts.

Collectors have been using 27 x 41 holders to exhibit all kinds of international film advertisements. This 27 x 40 poster frame, often referred to as a film signage holder, is a great addition to both homes and offices. Virtually any of the elegant designs will increase the aesthetics of a room by introducing exceptional style. Displays2go.com offers the 27 x 40 poster frame shown above with plastic lenses to help minimize glare as well as protect the movie prints. Keeping dust, fingerprints and other damaging contaminants away is crucial for improving the life of the graphic. The movie poster frames and sign holders typically include the mounting hardware, so installation is easier for users. Browse through the different loading styles to find the most practical and convenient framing solution.

27 x 40 Poster FramesThese discount movie poster frames for Hollywood prints are value-priced to sell. Customers can even buy in bulk for additional savings! Over the years, our company has discovered how to manufacture frames for movie posters on the cheap. A Hollywood film print or picture can be framed like the priceless memorabilia it is without collecting dust and dirt. It's a snap to display a print or picture in a home theater or any place of business. Among the many different styles offered is this affordable framing unit. These low-cost print holders feature a slim black plastic border and either a cardboard or plastic backboard. The design is simple, yet feasible. Though these cost-effective film poster framing solutions are rugged and look great, some aren't intended for upscale venues. Many individuals buy these displays to mount a favorite printed film advertisement in a home theater. Turn an average den or man cave into an authentic theater with one of these 27 x 41 picture holders. So, whether the need is for one poster frame or one hundred holders in different sizes; the cheap price tags and excellent functionality will help get the job done.

framing that fits theater billsThough some theaters prefer to purchase a lighted display or a poster light box; the print holder featured here is a reasonable alternative that does not consume energy. The money saved on these products can be spent on other more important fixtures instead. The snap frames shown above are exceptionally versatile, and make movie poster changes a literal "snap." These quick-clip framing is available in silver and black finishes. In addition, the poster displays are offered in both sizes. Perhaps one of these quality enclosed cases would be more suitable for customers looking for more upscale framing solutions. This image case features a hinged door that allows the user to access the poster with the swing of a door. The lens is a clear plastic material that enables the viewer to see the entire Hollywood image with none of the display covered by bulky framing. Another alternative to the backlit framed displays are these curved units that come in several sizes. Viewers will certainly stop and take note of the film print on display in these convex holders. For those customers who already have a poster frame for movie artwork, there is a selection of illuminated frames available. Customers supply the artwork, picture, or graphics, and this company will print them on a professional-grade glossy material.

Why isn't the 27 x 40 poster display available at a local department store?
  • Typically Hollywood film prints are not a standard size in the ready made framing business.
  • Target, Michaels, and Wal*Mart typically have buyers that purchase large quantities of the most popular sized frames.
  • For more information about any of the merchandise seen here, contact a member of the customer service team at 1-800-572-2194.
Can this collection of picture framing for show bills be changed out easily?
  • Many of the print holders featured here allow for changing while the unit is still mounted on the wall. Snap-open models offer a great solution, especially for theaters in the home.
  • With some of the cheap poster frames, including rigid plastic configurations, some disassembly is required for print change-outs, however one person can easily swap out posters.
  • All of these decorative and flat profile graphic holders feature a plastic lens and not a heavy glass lens making it easier for one person to change out signs.

Along with these Hollywood print styles for home theaters there are many other lines available here! In addition to snap and traditional photo framing, there is a wide variety of other quality sign holders with black or white matting as well as light boxes, ceiling hung, floor standing, and outdoor-rated poster cases. Displays2go has been making and distributing advertising picture displays since 1974. This company started out as a sole ownership business, building custom acrylic items and then selling them to local banks and other businesses in the local area. Since then, the company has grown and now stocks over 7,000 different display products. Our online catalog is continuously expanding to include new displays. Come back frequently to take advantage of all the great offers, wholesale pricing, and fast, same-day shipping.