Counter Show Case for Retail Display Use

Use this counter show case to exhibit precious objects in a retail store.Are you looking for a counter show case to place in a store location? Look no further. This counter show case is affordably priced, and made with quality materials. Are you opening a new retail location and need to outfit the entire institution? The counter show case featured here has coordinating fixtures that match perfectly and can be used to create an entire cash wrap area. The melamine laminate wood surfaces along with the tempered safety glass make these merchandise a great buy! Use this counter show case to house precious objects such as jewelry or high-end products. These glass cases come in a couple of widths; four feet or six feet. This counter show case is also offered in a full or half vision configuration. When used in conjunction with one of the cash wrap stations offered here, this showcase becomes a vital focal point in your institution. The counter show case featured above come with sliding rear doors to allow employees easy access to the displayed objects. These glass retail fixtures are commonly seen in jewelry stores and perfumeries. The counter show case here are offered in three wood finishes; maple, cherry and black. These three shades have proven to be the most popular choices among shoppers looking for cabinets for years. This counter show case is offered with two production options; completely unassembled, or partially assembled. Choose the option that best suits your needs. For the counter showcase that is shipped partially assembled, the only step left to complete the production is to install the glass shelves. No tools are required to complete this final step. The knocked-down glass counter cases save on shipping costs and delayed lead times, whereas the fully assembled retail fixtures save on time spent to set up the units.

This counter show case can be used in conjunction with other store fixtures.This glass display case, also called a counter showcase features adjustable shelving to allow retailers to exhibit objects of varying heights. This convenient feature allows jewelry stores to place the top shelf high within the cabinet so patrons can get a closer look without having to bend down. In addition to the different wood grains offered, this counter showcase is also offered with either a half vision or full vision glass case. The half vision retail cabinet has less exhibit space, but as a trade-off, there is additional storage space to place overstock, or other supplies needed on a daily basis. The counter showcase that has a full view design has a large area to exhibit a considerable amount of objects such as jewelry, figurines, or other delicate merchandise. Many store owners also like to use these glass display cases as a checkout area.

This counter showcase features additional storage space for overstock.This showcase counter is one of our best values! Retail store fixtures and displays are a great way to put product in front of a customer. Impulse-buy merchandise can strike your shopper as they are checking out. This showcase counter can help to promote your newest sale merchandise. The glass top and front give employees control over inventory so that valuables are not left unattended and accessible to the public. This showcase counter can be set up to control traffic past the exit of your store so that you can keep a watchful eye on shoppers. In addition to the individual store fixtures seen here, be sure to check out the entire selection of pre-configured displays for sale here. The showcase counter shown above have been paired together to create a complete layout suitable for any retail environment. For customers looking for retail display cases without wood components there is an entire product line of all glass cases, sure to meet your expectations.

    Do all of these counter showcases ship via freight?
  • Due to the size and weight of these display cases; most of them do ship via truck.
  • There are a limited selection of counter showcases that qualify for standard ground shipping. These store fixtures however, ship unassembled in order to meet the size requirements of the carrier.
  • For more in depth information regarding the shipping requirements for any of these retail cash wraps contact a call center staff member.
    Does the show case counter featured here have tempered glass panels?
  • In fact; all of the retail store fixtures offered here have tempered glass panels.
  • Retail stores typically require that the show case counter fixtures are made with safety glass.
  • For more information and a visual depiction of tempered glass vs. standard plate glass, please read through this page.

In addition to the showcase counters shown on this page there is a broader selection of retail store fixtures in several forms and functions. There is also a huge array of POP products which can be seen in this online catalog. Displays2go has thousands of merchandise for indoor and outdoor retail advertising. Some of the other product lines beyond these showcase counters include; cash wraps, jewelry display cabinets, card holders, and poster frames. In stock orders processed prior to 1:00pm EST time are shipped on the same day. The corporate intent has always been to continue to strive to supply a diverse assortment of quality products at the lowest possible price, while also delivering outstanding customer service and "follow through". Over the past three and a half decades this mind set has proven to be exceptionally successful. What began as one man's side job in his garage selling simple acrylic fixtures to local financial establishments and businesses, has now become one of the nation's top suppliers of retail store fixtures and other point of sale displays. We presently occupy three huge warehouses containing nearly two million units. This company also employs over one hundred and fifty workers, including; quality control, shipping, packing, fabrication and wood shop departments. There is also a fully-staffed call center that can process orders, answer inquiries, or calculate a quote for freight. For customers that prefer online communication; there is a live chat offered for those quick questions that may come up while browsing this website. To contact a member of the call center staff please call 1-800-572-2194.