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Countertop Racks | Wire Displays: Spinning and Affixed Stands

Countertop Display Racks - Tabletop Retail Fixtures, including Spinner Racks, Showcase Snacks, Literature & Merchandise

Countertop RacksLooking for a way to properly advertise literature, jewelry or book on a checkout counter? Look no further than these wire countertop racks? These displays are ideal for using in retail shops. Each of these wire counter displays is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them easy to relocate to a new position in any store. Countertop racks, known as wire counter displays, are an affordable option to display promotional materials or sell goods. Merchandise easily with these displays, or give away flyers and brochures that feature promotional materials and information about the company. Hotels often use the countertop racks to share pamphlets and magazines with information about local attractions for incoming tourists.The spinner racks are also convenient, as they can hold a large amount of various inventory, while using much less space than an affixed countertop rack.

What types of wire counter displays are included in this category?
  • Easels - Wire easels are ideal countertop racks to showcase books, magazines, or even cell phones
  • Magazine Racks - Literature displays can hold magazines and brochures to help showcase materials and flyers.
  • Jewelry Displays - Earrings, necklaces and bracelets can easily be displayed on countertops

Wire EaselsPOP sales will quickly increase with the use of any counter stand, so why not choose the one that is most relevant and will be the most effective for your business? Small boutique owners can benefit from these ornate jewelry displays that will nicely mesh with any upscale décor. Greeting card displays for collectibles stores where customers often buy gifts, as they often need a card that matches the occasion or holiday. Placing a card stand near the cash register can be a subtle reminder to purchase a card without shoving it the consumer’s face.

With countertop display racks, it is easy to merchandise a wide variety of different products on valuable countertop space with these displays and spinner racks. With rotating clip stands, customers can easily browse a selection of snacks, air fresheners, or other store products. These fixtures remain placed on countertops and the pedestal portion easily rotates around. Taller racks can hold a large amount of merchandise while taking up little space.

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