Retail Counters Offered at Unbelievably Low Prices!

There is a huge abundance of retail counters for sale here!Having trouble finding retail counters at reasonable prices? This site has a solution to any issue retailers may be having while searching for store fixtures. These retail counters are built with quality craftsmanship. Choose a cash wrap with adjustable shelving, or additional hidden storage space. There are retail counters offered here in several wood finishes such as; maple, cherry and black. For a simpler, modern feel there is a complete line of store fixtures made with tempered glass. These retail counters feature a full vision design that allows displayed objects to be viewed from any angle. Customers looking for cash wraps suitable for an upscale retail setting will appreciate the complete line of maple wood and Pionite graphite units available here. These retail counters feature a alluring neutral wooden finish, combined with dark graphite countertops. No matter what the need, budget or d├ęcor styling, customers will surely find store fixtures and checkout stands here that will satisfy the need at hand.

Use these retail counters in a department store or boutique to create a uniform look.These retail counters, also known as glass display cases, offer a high quality appearance without the expensive pricing. Budget-minded customers will appreciate these quality cash wraps. Jewelry stores, cell phone vendors, and especially small specialty shops buy these retail counters for their durability and great value. Made from thick tempered glass and a solid wood base, these store fixtures will withstand years of use, and not distract the eye from the objects on display. Featuring a frameless design; these retail counters have to adjustable glass shelves that appear to be floating within the case. As an added bonus these cash wraps are shipped unassembled to further save on shipping costs. These retail counters are the perfect option for a small business owner just starting out that doesn't have a lot of money to spend on a checkout stand, yet needs a quality product that will last. There are a plethora of store fixtures and display cases for sale on this site that fit this description.

Jewelry stores tend to use these retail counters to showcase expensive objects.Most store owners need retail counters that can be used as multi-purpose fixtures. For instance; a jeweler typically wants a glass display case that can be used to showcase objects, as well as a lower section that can be used for storage or overstock. In addition, these retail counters need to be durable enough to conduct business transactions on the countertop surfaces. All of the cash wraps offered meet or exceed most, if not all of these expectations. Some of the display cases available here don't feature a hidden storage cabinet due to the all-glass design. Some of these cabinets also have locking doors to keep valuables and additional inventory secure.

For customers looking to re-fit an entire store, or for a new business looking to create a uniform look, we have generated these pre-configured cash wrap designs. These configurations are sold as sets, and contain all of the necessary store fixtures to make a successful checkout area. These shop counters are offered in multiple wood colors, as well as all glass display cases. These checkout stands can be re-positioned to accommodate individual needs, or set-up in accordance with the recommendation on this site. Large department stores typically purchase these store fixture configurations to outfit a specialty area within their institution.

    What are some of the common retail institutions that use these glass counters?
  • One of the more frequent buyers of these store fixtures are jewelers.
  • Large department stores purchase these glass counters to showcase featured items such as purses, watches, and other high-end objects.
  • These cash wraps are also very popular among cell phone and small electronics stores.
    What are the available shipping methods for these glass counters?
  • For all of the pre-assembled store fixtures, the only shipping method available is freight, due to the size and weight of the units.
  • The unassembled checkout displays typically qualify for standard ground shipping which saves consumers a considerable amount of money.
  • For specific queries regarding any of these retail store fixtures, or the freight costs associated with them, please contact a member of the call center staff.

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