Cashier Counter Offered At Discount Pricing

This cashier counter is suitable for use as a checkout area or service desk.In need of a cashier counter for a new retail store? Look no further. This cashier counter is offered in many different wood finishes, sizes and functions. These glass checkout fixtures allow customers to view objects and prevent them from handling or pilfering objects. Buy this cashier counter along with a check out stand to create a uniform and complete customer service area. These retail checkout fixtures allow you to use your register workspace as an offering space as well. With multiple sized check out stands and coordinating corner cases customers can create an unlimited number of layouts and portray a customized look to a store design. There is a cashier counter featured above that includes a drawer to store a till as well as shelves for additional storage of supplies or goods. There are also multiple glass display cases that double as a service area. Retailers can use this cashier counter to display precious or delicate objects, as well as utilize the countertop as a check-out space. Use one of these corner units to complete the configuration for a alluring cohesive ensemble.

This cashier counter is commonly seen in retail locations.This cashier counter is offered in multiple wood finishes as well as full-vision glass check out stands to satisfy most d├ęcor styles. These customer service fixtures, checkout stands, are ideal for small start-up companies that need to outfit an entire store on a inadequate budget, and as quick as possible. Choose a cashier counter that ships unassembled to save further on cost. If timing is more of a concern; there are also checkout displays that ship completely assembled. A detailed set of production instructions is included with every cashier counter as a point of reference. All of the unassembled checkout units are easier to put together with two people; especially the register stands that have glass components. One of the many features of this cashier counter is the additional storage area. The 4' and 6' check out cases have a huge storage compartment hidden from view that allows retailers to store extra stock, or other supplies. Another great feature of this cashier counter is the tempered glass that is used. This safety glass breaks into small round pieces, rather than the large jagged pieces from standard plate glass. The cashier counter shown above feature either one or two glass shelves, depending on the size of the case, for additional display area. With all of these advantageous features, and such a low price, this checkout fixture is practically a steal!

This cashier counter features all of the amenities needed to make a successful check out area.Also available among these cashier counters are these corner units. These wooden displays complete a retail configuration, and offer additional space to showcase items. These cashier counters look very professional when used in conjunction with a register checkout stand, and a corner unit. These simple "V" shaped displays have a three tiered design with two of the levels being glass shelving. These cashier counters ship unassembled, but take minimal effort to put together. Buy these check out configurations today, and they ship today, (see shipping policy for more details).

    Do these cashier counters come pre-assembled?
  • Many of these checkout stands are offered with assembled or unassembled options.
  • For the cashier counters that require production, either a set of detailed instructions are included and/or a detailed video is available online for reference.
  • For further queries regarding production requirements for any of these checkout fixtures, feel free to contact a member of the customer service team.
    Are any of these cashier counters sold in configurations?
  • There is a large assortment of check out stands and cash register fixtures sold here as a complete customer service station.
  • All of the cashier counters within the economy laminate category are available in pre-configured checkout stands.
  • Choose a cash register fixture in maple, cherry, or black finish. There are also multiple sizes within each finish, sure to satisfy any retail service need.

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