Wood Newspaper Frames & Daily Paper Displays

Newspaper Wall Frames with Locking & Non-Locking Swing-Open Enclosures

wood newspaper frame

These wood newspaper frames with swing-open designs are made from solid materials that last for years. Each newsprint display comes with a matboard or removable matting, so front pages are always elegantly framed. The swing-style wood newspaper frames are ideal for displaying your USA Today, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Providence Journal, or any other 14" x 23" page. These wooden newspaper frames are great for restaurants, restrooms, banks, retail stores, museums, and any other location that wants to show the latest news or highlight a positive review. The simple to open swinging doors on the front allow users to change the paper on a daily basis. The wood newspaper frames are available in a variety of different colors, including several popular stain finishes. The framing is sure to match the provided 1" white mat board. Each wooden newspaper frame uses a hidden gravity latch system and concealed hinges keep the door closed. With just one hand, the clasp can be raised and the front will swing open for quick replacement of graphics. Shop for the best wood newspaper frames online right here while saving time and money!

Whether set up in a home or at a business, these framing solutions are perfect for getting important news stories the exposure they need. In a residence, the user could install a wood newspaper frame to showcase his or her child’s front page article or honor roll mention. At businesses, managers can exhibit the latest PR for their companies. Showing customers that your business is newsworthy provides a surefire way to increase clientele and profits. Restaurants are always getting reviewed by local papers and magazines, so why not let patrons know about your success by posting the information on a nearby wall? Historical societies and museums frequently put up important 18th and 19th century front pages to demonstrate a point or supplement an exhibit. Artists use the large frames to create a collage, scrapbook displays, or a mod podge of prints that reflect a common theme. The uses and applications are almost endless, as users come up with new uses all the time.

framing for news articles

Discover the plethora of tasks these practical periodical frames can help with by examining all the options! There is a mod podge of finishes available, all of which blend perfectly with the supplied matting. Newspaper picture and photo displays are popping up in many different locations because public relations and press releases are becoming so important to consumers. Don’t fall behind. Ensure your business has a chance to compete by installing a daily paper holder. The framing is designed in a convenient way, so that poster and graphic changes are performed easily every time. Visit our newsprint racks page to shop the full assortment of periodical display options as well as our collection of wall frames for posters for additional print display ideas.

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