Letter Board Signs With Changeable Letters For Sidewalks & Outdoor

Sidewalk Letter Board Signs with Changeable Letters are Great For Outdoor Promotions.

Letter Board Signs These letter board signs are ideal for outdoor promoting business and raise awareness for your organization. The changeable letterboard is used for outdoor message displays on the sidewalk. The floorstanding letter board signs are light weight and portable. Business owners can easily put these signs in high traffic area to attact more customers. These letter board signs can be used to post sales, directories, and messages. The changeable letters on the boards not only can catch attention, but also make your business look more professional than other.

    What kinds of letter board signs should I choose?

  • These letter signs come with black and white surface to fit your specific needs.
  • Foldable letter boards for sidewalks are commonly used for small businesses to promote themselves without spending big money.
  • The message signs with wheels can be easily transported to any locations that you prefer.
  • The changeable letter boards here come with different sizes that can work with any types of businesses.

Letter Board Signs Our letter board signs have several seals to protect your message from the rain and wind. Included with every outdoor letter board is one or two changeable letter kits to get your message out there. The letter board signs with aluminum body and impact resistant acrylic lens will stand up to the abuse of outdoor life. Aluminum hinges and stainless steel screws are used to ensure that the letter boards will last through years of weathering. The sample mounted outside of our building withstood it's first New England winter with no signs of leaking. Sure a New England winter is not as cold as some places, but we get rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain and high winds on a regular basis, sometimes all in the same day.

Sidewalk letter boards come in a wide selection of letter board sizes, styles, and finishes. Choose from white or black letter boards. Each letter board comes with a set of silkscreened letters, numbers, and symbols on flat styrene plastic sheets. Simply snap the letters apart from the sheets to start creating your custom messages. Also included with your purchase are headers emblazoned with "SALE" and "SPECIAL", which come in handy when announcing sales promotions or product markdowns. A major advantage to sidewalk letter boards is the fact that they are double-sided. Advertise on both sides of the signs to get the best exposure!

In addition to these changeable letter boards, Displays2go has a selection of indoor letter boards that are great for any interior environment. From enclosed wall mounted boards to floor standing signs, we have the system you need.

Displays2go has a selection of outdoor poster holders and bulletin boards for outdoor use that use the same sealing system as these boards. With all of these options, there is no reason your message should not be posted outside.