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Chalkboard Easel - Double-Sided Art Board for Multiple Purposes

Chalkboard Easel This chalkboard easel is optimal for use in classrooms, conference rooms, and other office settings. Each of the A-style chalkboards features a marker board surface, ideal for illustration points in a presentation, or even classroom lessons. With a foldable design, you can quickly transport the easel to another location when needed. We provide these a-frame signs with 6 neon, dry-erase markers for added convenience. The chalkboard easel has dry, wet or both erase surface to fit your needs. Wet erase marker boards are more bright and will not fade while time goes on. This chalkboard easel can be cleaned easily. There are also whiteboard surface and blace board surface for customers to choose. This easel is ideal for promoting business on the sidewalk or indoor high traffic areas. With neon markers, these foldable signs are eye-catching and unique.

Why should I choose this Chalkboard Easel over other signs?

  • Chalk board easels here have wooden, plastic, and aluminum frames that are strong and durable.
  • Double-sided chalkboard easel brings multiple functionalities without letting you spend more money.
  • There is a large selection of easel signs with different sizes, color and surface.
  • Each sign can be customized to fit all your needs and they are reusable.

Eraser Markers These sandwich boards are the optimal A-style signs for any indoor setting. The marker boards, folding signs that feature an aluminum frame are also weather-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use as well. (Please Note: These signs feature a melamine writing surface, a wood-based material. As with other wood-based products, if exposed to constant rains, sun and inclement weather, with time they will bow and warp. It is recommended that you bring your product in during inclement weather.)

We sell a wide variety of folding chalkboard signs to choose from. Our selection includes a-frame signs with a white marker board surface, as well as with a black marker board surface, to accommodate all of your signage needs. Wood- and aluminum-framed a-boards, sidewalk signs for outdoor use, pavement signage, and other sign options can all be found in our main presentation display category.

In addition, we also integrate these A-style signs in our online catalog. Looking for more than just a-boards, sidewalk signs, and chalkboard products? Our main shopping page is home to thousands of advertising and display products. Buy online from Displays2go, a leading display manufacturer!