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Retail Display Shelving Includes Gondolas, Baker's Racks & Wooden Fixtures

Store shelving and retail display racks are often the merchandising fixtures you see in stores all over the country. No matter the size of the shop, these retail store fixtures are a necessity. Displays racks are advantageous to your business, as they give customers easy access to several products. Customers are naturally drawn to units with an assortment of options to choose. Store shelving is space conservative and many fixtures are free standing. This keeps your marketplace uncluttered while still providing consumers plenty of choices. These racks ensure customers can quickly find your store's products, and displays them in an appealing manner. Create an aesthetically pleasing exhibit with these retail display racks.

wooden retail shelving What types of store fixtures are included in this category?
  • Wooden Baskets & Stands - Wood fixtures provide a more traditional and antique feeling look. Baskets are a unique way to merchandise items and have lots of storage space.
  • Countertop Shelving Racks - Wire countertop racks can hold various merchandise for point of purchase sales. The tiered designs help conserve space while holding more products.
  • Gondola Shelving - Easily rearrange shelves to accomodate varying product lines and inventory that changes seasonally.
  • Wooden Shelving Stands - Wood racks are ideal for country store and antique shop settings.
  • Rustic Store Fixtures - wicker basket stands & real wood shelving units give your store a natural and rustic feel.

Shelving is made from wire, wood or metal, further accenting the products placed within. The gondola shelving units are typically found in convenience stores, and have many merchandising options to best suit your store. The retail store fixtures and retail supplies are easy to change out old merchandise and inset new items. Countertop displays are ideal to place near registers and check out stations. Use them for trinkets, snacks, key chains or niche items like nail polish and k-cups. Display point of sale merchandise in highly prominent areas, prompting customers to make a last minute purchase!

Many shelving units are adjustable, allowing store owners to adjust on the fly to accomodate inventory. Any successful business will have a revolving door of new products coming in, creating the need for store fixtures to be adaptable. Adjustable shelving units give owners comfort knowing they will be able to adapt to any product line. Some displays offer custom signage holders as well. Large promos are an easy way to point customers to a specific product!

Displays2go has been manufacturing and offering displays for over 40 years. Our warehouse includes thousands of different store displays and other styles of fixtures, which can be seen here. We sell these display racks as the easiest way to display merchandise in your store. Buy display racks, and most of the other retail displays we have in stock by 2PM and we will ship out to you the same day!