Digital Menu Boards for Freestanding Restaurant POS Displays

Floor Standing Digital Menu Boards w/ Built-in Media Players

Digital Menu Boards with Freestanding VarietiesAre you sick of wasting resources on designing and printing posters to hang in your restaurant every month? Are you looking for a modern, appealing way to present food options to your guests on digital restaurant boards? Well if you're ready to save time, stretch your budget further and move your restaurant into the 21st century, then look no further! We've got the answers to all of your questions about digital menu boards, stands, mounts and more below! In a fast-paced, technology thriving world, brands are beginning to realize that static signs are losing their visual appeal and can be lost easily amongst the clutter of thousands of other things fighting for consumers attention every day! Digital menu boards that are used as dynamic POS systems are captivating and can show off new items to paying patrons in an beautiful, eye-catching way! When compared to print, these electronic media stands appeal more to the senses and can actually decrease perceived waiting times considerably! These dynamic media players, digital menu boards for indoor advertising, help to boost sales of food and drink specials! A free standing restaurant board can sell pricier meals which will ultimately increase the average margin of food transactions! Whether placement is in a quick-service (QSR) institution, a casual dining eatery or a high-end bistro, a brilliant LED display will turn a drab advertisement into a fascinating, engrossing, dynamic sign instantly!

    How valuable are digital menu boards in a restaurant?
  • Messages promoted can assist in upselling the latest cuisine selections which can affect sales greatly!
  • Digital menu boards can introduce healthy choices by showcasing pictures of ingredients that go into making each fresh entree!
  • QSR's can use LCD monitors to hype upcoming events and local happenings in sitting areas!
  • Digital menu boards are a great way to suggest food and beverage pairings!
  • Chefs are able to easily provide nutritional information for many different entrees for health-conscious customers!
  • Engaging digital menu boards with POS restaurant software can turn first-time customers into repeat guests, while converting frequent visitors into loyal regulars!
  • Promotional media can enhance eating environments entirely, liven up a crowd, provide a call-to-action, drive traffic on slower weekday nights and help create a memorable experience continually!

Digital Menu Boards Integrate POS Software TechnologyDigital menu boards, like these electronic POS floor stands are offered as complete kits sold in a range of styles, finishes and screen sizes! Dynamic media screens are designed with many convenient, easy-to-use features that allow each stand to be personalized completely! These electronic signage systems, digital menu boards that integrate cutting-edge technology allow users to create and display a slide-show quickly. At a moment's notice, content can be modified through the simple, straightforward software provided! Conveniently, these digital menu boards with standing alternatives are engineered with a hidden media port on the backside to hide away valuable zip drives filled with restaurant slides for promotions! Users are able to also choose from slideshow transitions on these digitized e-posters in order to innovatively market time-sensitive or day-specific menus to audiences prominently in a relevant way! These freestanding memo kiosks, digital menu boards that can help to increase sales, can be situated on any level surface inside a cafe diner. Managers tend to place a media-playing monitor in the interior entry way, next to a hostess station or near pub entrances to entice, inform and engage with a relevant audience!

    How easy is it to create and change food signage on digital menu boards?
  • Simply log into your template software account.
  • Choose from 100+ layouts designed for digital menu boards. Select one that suits your needs, design preference and intended usage.
  • Upload logos, images and any other appetizing visuals to be presented on your digital menu boards.
  • Insert imagery and applicable content into appropriate text and picture boxes.
  • Change font styling, colors, borders, text box fills and any other editable fields to harmonize with your brand as well as the area surrounding these digital menu boards with stands.
  • Save custom media to a removable USB stick and remove from computer.
  • Insert flash stick into back of plug & play flat screen, select desired loop cycle and begin to present templates immediately!

Digital Menu Boards Shown as Interactive Media PlatformsThese digital menu boards are sold as bundled kits complete with all necessary tools needed to set-up, install and configure POS kiosk stands without any trouble! Each stand is crafted from commercial-grade materials, designed for use in public spaces indoors! Digital menu boards packages with stands can be purchased in a number of smaller size screens, ranging from 18.5" to32". Larger solutions that include a monitor are available with an array of LED televisions spanning from 32" to 55"! Depending on the location chosen for placement, these digital menu boards are versatile, impactful and although these stands blend well with restaurant interior decor, notifications on display are noticeable and will resonate longer than any traditional flat, lifeless flyer! As a one-time investment, creative opportunities for signage showcases, potential profits earned and the amount of money saved will certainly outweigh the hassle and expense spent on frequent banner printing costs! Highly appreciated by busy restaurant owners and managers, the notable return-on-investment over time adds immensely to the value of this display, turning a single purchase into a profitable expenditure! Go green, conserve funds and reinvest in restaurant locations with these electronic signage stations!

If a small POS stand is not the digital signage style you wish to invest in, we also sell many other state-of-the-art ad playing devices and mounts as well! Other freestanding variations we offer include convenient mobile features that provide the easiest way to transport electronic signage from one space to another! In addition to commercial TV stands and carts, we also supply our customers with a premier selection of wall, ceiling and countertop mounts as well, all of which are designed with a built-in media player, secure mounting capabilities and a plethora of free industry-specific templates! With a collection of LED stands and e-posters scattered throughout a restaurant, watch as sales expectantly increase while spending for traditional print advertising costs decreases! Investing in in-house media solutions has never been more affordable, easier or convenient with these dynamic, all-in-one advertising solutions!

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