Flyer Holders For Large Quantities of Literature

Vertical Wall Mounted Magazine, Brochure, & Flyer Holders

These flyer holders mount to any wall to create an beautiful literature display visitors will love. These literature racks for walls feature acrylic compartments for distributing and organizing your reading materials. We offer these flyer holders with 2 sizes of compartments, made of either clear or green-edged acrylic. These flyer holders, also known as marketing displays, have a unique wave-like structure to make your collection of reading materials stand out. We also provide the flyer holders with poster frames to further advertise the products or services being offered.

The brochure dispensers, flyer holders are made from silver aluminum for a rugged yet stylish fixture. When used indoors, aluminum is also resistant to rust! Flyer holders are optimal wall fixtures for stores, hotels, offices and banks. These brochure displays are also adjustable flyer holders! Each acrylic pocket has its own set of moveable brackets to change its height and angle. These flyer holders, such as our other wall display fixtures, take up little space but have an undeniably large impact.

Wall-mounted pamphlet holders are great tools to help organize literature and add a modern element to any décor. Interested in more wave-shaped fixtures? Check out our entire collection of wave displays, including floor-standing catalog holders and shelving units! We also have thousands of other products, including display cases, lobby fixtures, cash wraps and poster frames, for our retail, commercial, and residential customers. Displays2go is your one-stop shop for all POP presentation needs.