Easy Up Canopy Sold With or Without Custom Printing

EZ-UP CanopyThis 10 x 10 easy up canopy collection is the perfect solution to all your outdoor event needs! Each tent has features that make them unique, so every consumer is sure to find just what he or she is searching for. What are "easy-up canopies"? These are fabric tents that provide shade from sun and protection from wind, rain and other moderate weather elements. An easy-up canopy is most often used at functions such as farmers' markets, outdoor trade shows, fairs, festivals, carnivals and more. A wide variety of popups are available, ensuring the right style for each business' needs.

Easy-Up CanopiesIs It More Cost-Effective To Purchase An Easy-Up Canopy, Versus Simply Renting One?

In many, if not most cases, yes. Owning one of these portable EZ or easy-up canopies that provide shade at outdoor events ensures that one will probably never have to rent one again. Rental fees are often very high and if a company is constantly making appearances at multiple outdoor events, it often makes more sense to simply purchase a tent rather than continuously renting. While the initial cost may be higher when purchasing an easy-up canopy, this cost is clearly spread out over the number of times the gazebo is utilized. This number can easily fall far below the cost to rent per event attended. Purchasing an easy-up canopy booth also gives companies more freedom to pick exactly the size, style and color they would like. It also provides a great advertising opportunity. Some of these EZ or easy up canopies are available with 1-, 2-, or 3-color printing. This allows businesses to advertise their name, logo and/or slogan to any potential customers or patrons that are passing by.

Easy-Up Canopy

Who Uses Easy Up Canopies?

  • Food vendors
  • Crafters
  • Large service-providers (such as cell phone, cable or electrical companies)
  • Beverage servers (beer, wine, water, soda, frozen lemonade etc.)
  • Radio or Television Stations (at on-site events)
  • Ticket vendors (carnival rides, etc.)
  • Government or military branches (Army, Navy, Marines, etc.)
  • Schools or universities

These popup shelters are commonly referred to as 10 x 10 tents, but some clearly measure 9' 7" x 9' 7". The "10 x 10 " term is a simpler way to refer to the products that helps when customers are looking to purchase these merchandise online or in a store. The peak of the portable event gazebos reaches just over 11 feet (clearly 135"). Each 9' 7" x 9' 7" tent has an inner clearance of 82-1/2", while the same measurement on the 10 x 10 instant party popup is 84". While there are other sizes of these outdoor shelters available, this 10x10 folding event display is probably the most popular. This is the size most often used by small companies or when there is just one or two persons staffing the tent. Larger sizes are often chosen for "walk-in" style popups, where customers & employees, staff or volunteers interact below the shade of the large covering.

The SQR series of popups has many great features offering great benefits to users. The coverings provide ample shade from sun. These are most often used in the warmer months (spring, summer, early fall), when the sun can be very strong, especially in the south and west of the country. It is never a good idea for a company to ask employees, staff or volunteers to attend an event and stand out in the sun all day long without a chance for respite in shade. If set up correctly, the 10x10 gazebos can also provide shade for patrons, guests or customers. The large covering also provides protection from light to moderate precipitation. Not only does the tent protect persons from getting wet, but also any goods or foodstuffs that are being sold. Simply having a large booth at an outdoor event could potentially save a company hundreds or even thousands on lost profits due to ruined inventory. Finally, the booths are a great promotional tool. Both the SQR and TNT series are available with printing.

Printing a logo, slogan or other graphic on these large outdoor folding shades makes a business stand out from the competition. At many outdoor events there are often 20 or more vendors all competing for the attention of passing guests or patrons. Each person that passes a booth is a potential sale or some form of money-maker for the company. Without a way to stand out or simply communicate who the company is and/or what they do, many tents will get overlooked. The SQR series offers printing in twelve different areas (one image repeated four times on the covering, once on the back wall and once on each of the side walls, and another image repeated once on each of the four valances). The TNT tents do not feature side or back walls, but do offer printing on the covering and four valances, as well. Half-walls and full back walls are available separately for TNT gazebos. These also offer full-color printing whereas the SQR portable outdoor booths allow customers to choose 1-, 2-, or 3-color silk-screening. SQR tents are also available without printing.

Foregoing printing is a smart choice for some, however, especially party rental companies. These business often purchase these large event tents in bulk quantities to rent out to other companies or even private parties or individuals. The initial purchase cost of a popup is quickly made up with just a few rental fees. If there were logos, graphics or other imprinting on the products, these would not be suitable to rent out. Renters need a simple, unadorned display that is versatile and able to fit into whatever environment it is placed into. For companies to offer further choices to renters, each SQR tent is available in either black, blue, red or white, and each TNT popup is available in blue, red or white. TNT half and full walls are only available in white at this time.

10x10 SQR EZ-ups are available with or without counters. These tables are crafted from HDPE making them durable and weather-resistant. Each one measures 104" wide by 17-3/4" deep. They are height-adjustable, offering seven different height settings. The setting at 32-3/4" high falls just below the 35" height of the half-walls of the gazebo. Three tables are included if purchased in conjunction with a folding display. These fit perfectly just inside the half-walls. Any of the tables and any one of the walls (either full or half) can be removed to allow access inside the popup. Each counter folds down for transport and storage and includes a handle for carrying.

Ground stakes and sandbags (SQR only) are included with your purchase. These provide stability for the displays in fair to moderate weather conditions. Though they are intended for outdoor use, it is not recommended that any of these instant gazebos or portable shades be used in high winds or inclement weather.

Displays2Go is a leading provider of instant and popup displays. These EZ-ups are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. There are also options for the inclusion of counters, or tables, as well as printing. In addition to these event displays, there are many other products to make your next outdoor function a success, including gazebos, street banners, printed market umbrellas and more! For any questions regarding these or any of the other merchandise available in the online catalog, contact a consumer service representative. These are available via telephone at 1-800-572-2194, email at info@displays2go.com (or artproducts@displays2go.com for artwork inquiries), or using the Live Chat feature found on virtually all pages. Shop online to find the perfect 10'x10' pop-ups right here! D2G has your printed & unprinted display needs covered! Stop paying higher & higher renting fees!