LCD Monitor Stands for Flat Screens

LCD TV stands are offered in many sizes and functions.

What is considered an LCD TV stand? The basic definition is; any floor standing rack used to display a flat screen television. These LCD TV stands all include VESA mounting brackets. Standardized to fit most 42" to 72" plasma televisions, VESA brackets screw onto the back of the flatscreen television, allowing the user to securely hang the monitors on the racks. Although all of the flat panel furniture includes the necessary hardware to mount most televisions, including 70" monitors, some will require specific screws that can be purchased at a local hardware store. LCD TV stands, like flat screen TV racks, have an optional tilt bracket available. This tilting mount enables the viewer to position the monitor at the best possible angle. These LCD TV stands are ideal for retail stores, malls and trade shows. Many of these flat screen TV racks are also suitable for corporate boardrooms and meeting areas. Use this LCD TV stand in a conference room or in a lobby to display business related information.

Flat panel stands mount a flat screen or monitor without distracting from the media on display.Among this huge selection of plasma TV mounts are displays suitable for residential use. These home LCD TV stands hold flat panel monitors of varying sizes and weights. Choose from entertainment centers featuring glass shelves and tilting brackets. LCD TV stands for home use are versatile racks, and will blend beautifully with any décor. Most of the flat panel mounts offered presently are constructed with premium black glass. The shelves on these LCD TV stands are great for displaying supplemental electronic equipment, a preferred photo frame or collectible. Another advantageous feature of these entertainment centers is the plastic feet on the bottom of these racks. The feet keep the LCD TV stand in place and help to prevent marking up hard wood flooring. All of the residential furniture displays require some production prior to use, however a detailed list of instructions is included with every purchase.

These LCD TV stands can be used in lieu of traditional entertainment centers.In addition to the LCD TV stands for homes; there is also an even larger selection of stands for commercial and trade show use. One of the best selling units is this plasma mount on wheels. These LCD TV stands are made of high quality metal and come in either a black or silver finish. The bracket that holds the monitor is height adjustable, as well as tilting. These racks have eight height positions, and can be angled in a downward direction up to fifteen degrees. The wheels on these LCD TV stands make moving this display a breeze. Once the plasma display is in place, the wheels can be locked to prevent any accidental movement. Hospitals and doctors' offices utilize these LCD TV stands to show patients vital information, or in the waiting rooms as a form of viewing entertainment. Likewise; hotels and other large corporations with a lobby use these 70" flat screen TV racks as a means of directing or informing their guests. There is a link on each product page for these LCD TV stands to verify by make and model, what televisions will fit on these displays. For tradeshow attendees, there are flat screen racks that include a shelf that acts as a workspace. The shelving on these stands for LCD TV can hold a keyboard, DVD player, or other supplemental presentation materials. Additionally, the shelf on these LCD TV stands rotates left to right, and has 3 height positions.

One of the newer displays being offered here are these touch screen directory displays. These LCD TV stands are popping up in shopping malls all over the country. Customers like the interactive displays, and the entertainment centers offered here will display a touch screen monitor at the ideal height. These LCD TV stands feature either a single column or dual column design with a wood oval base. The mounts for these racks allow for the monitors to be tilted slightly. There are rubber feet on the bottom of the bases to keep the furniture stand in place, and to minimize marring of the flooring.

There is an impressive selection of LCD TV stands available here for customers who attend trade shows regularly. These units serve a wide range of functions, and come in several sizes, colors and styles. Trade show attendees typically need some type of LCD TV stand that is portable and breakdowns with little effort. There are many options here that meet all of these requirements, and also have many other advantageous features. The most popular LCD TV stand among these products is the truss-style stand. These plasma racks feature an aluminum truss in black or silver, and a wooden oval base. This LCD TV stand can be taken down in mere minutes, and placed into the included canvas carrying bag. One person can easily assemble and disassemble this furniture. No supplemental tools are required to set this LCD TV stand up. All of these plasma racks can hold a television set horizontally, and a select few also have the choice to hold a TV vertically. One of the newly designed displays within this product line is the all-in-one tradeshow booth. This booth features two truss LCD TV stand units, as well as a huge custom printed backdrop, two wood surface workstations and a carrying case that doubles as podium furniture.

This flat screen rack; LCD TV stand, features plastic strips along the back of the display to keep wires from view. These strips quickly slide into grooves on the rear of the racks, and the open design allows wires to be hidden while still accessible from any point on the back of the display. This 70" LCD TV stand features a wide base to provide greater support for the displayed flat screen television. This plasma television mount and flat panel furniture is made from brushed aluminum and features a satin silver finish. Rust-proof indoors, this LCD TV stand will blend in readily with virtually any location. The rugged construction also allows these flat screen mounts to hold up well over time, even in heavily trafficked locations.

Are there different types of stands for flat panel TV available?
  • There are fixtures suitable for either business or personal furniture use.
  • There are stands for LCD TV with or without wheels, or units with shelves.
  • For those attending trade shows, there are monitor mounts that fold down into compact carrying cases.
How do I know that my 70" LG LED TV will fit these stands for LCD?
  • Each product page contains a link that lists all televisions by make and model number that will fit.
  • Additionally, each of these stands for LCD lists the Vesa dimensions that will work with the unit.
  • For further assistance regarding this television furniture customers can always call one of the call center staff members.

There are many television racks offered here including a select few that can hold a 70" wide screen TV, all of these units are made of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Displays2go is always designing new products to help businesses compete in the continuously changing market. We include these products in the line of flat panel TV stand objects, as well as in a variety of styles to meet any need. This online catalog has thousands of products available, most include same day shipping when ordered by 2PM EST. Also be sure to check out the wide selection of sale and clearance merchandise, as well as the new products that are added to this site daily!

TV Stands -The New Sales Tool!

By Rich Fortgang

When thinking of television stands, traditional wooden entertainment centers are generally the first thing that will jump to mind. These merchandise are a ubiquitous part of life in today's home furnishings. They are large, difficult to move, and are designed to keep all electronic equipment contained in one corner of a living or family room in a home.

A new trend is entering into this section of the marketplace and it moves much farther afield than previous uses. This trend happens to be the introduction of LCD Monitor stands for marketing and advertising in public applications, be it classrooms, tradefloors, or lobbies. This newer use has generated quite a large gap between traditional television stands and these newer public monitor stands. There is nothing traditional about these new stands. Where solid wood and corner cases had been the norm, today's trend is towards the lightweight, simple to move, metal stand.

These LCD monitor stands must have the ability to be quickly moved. They won't stay in one place for very long and thus allowances for this need to be made. To accomplish this, many of these stands have wheels attached to the bottom of the stand. These wheels are often lockable, but when they are unlocked, they offer the ability to roll the monitor stand around to different locations, rooms, or spots in a booth. The mobility also allows a much easier motion into and out of buildings. This is particularly useful for trade shows where these stands must be moved from garages or parking lots to the showroom floor.

With these stands needing to be rolled around, the necessity for the stands to be lighter also stands paramount as one of their major characteristics. To allow this lighter weight, wood is not an choice. The normal material that is used on these stands is aluminum. This naturally brings a more modern and industrial look to the stand which is more conducive to the retail or sales environment.

These public TV stands are designed for areas where the audience will be standing rather than reclining on chairs or couches as is the case with traditional stands. Therefore, the height of the stand for lcd monitor must be adjusted accordingly. The center height of the monitor on the stand should be the eye height of the average consumer. This leads these TV stands to have a stand height of around 63 inches above the ground. Your audience must have an easy time viewing the monitors and this allows this very thing. For situations requiring adjustability, tilting mounts are available to angle the screen downward towards the consumer. Familiarize yourself with these trends if you are shopping for such a product, and it will benefit you in the long run.