Condiment Organizers, Caddies, Holders & Containers

Organize Condiments, Bar Garnishes & Supplies With the Right Containers and Organizers

Looking for ways to organize condiments and garnishes for your bar or restaurant? Condiment caddies are a means of keeping your ketchup and sugar packets, as well as other types of garnishes, sorted for patrons to easily select the ones they need! Some condiment holders are made for use within restaurants, to hold bottles of ketchup, mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper for patrons to easily access the condiments without having to trouble the waitstaff.Cruet sets allow waitstaff to easily bring over oil & vinegar while serving salad. Other condiment organizers are designed to hold sugar packets and creamers. These table caddies are ideal for placement within cafes and bakeries, where space may be restricted. Fast food establishments, concession stands and chain restaurants often use the disperser-type products, as these hold many more packets and need to be filled less frequently. Bars and night clubs make use of the garnish holder with a hinged lid. This condiment organizer is designed to hold lemons, limes, cherries and more.

Organizers can be placed at customer seating areas or at dedicated service stations along with other restaurant equipment. Purchase cruets in bulk for the best possible pricing. These salt and cheese shakers, condiment containers, are invaluable in the dining room and kitchen. The small wares are easy to use, to store, and all come in the most popular industry sizes for restaurants and cafes.

What types of trays and supply fixtures are available?
  • Acrylic caddies to keep sweetener packets sorted
  • Salt & pepper shakers to coordinate with acrylic caddies
  • Wrought-iron condiment organizers; a rugged construction to withstand years of use
  • Hard plastic dispensers for countertop use
  • Hinged lid cases, to keep contents fresh
  • All-in-one holders, to hold coffee cups, lids, sugar packets and more
  • Caterers with removable bins for easier cleaning

Caddies are crafted from a range of materials to suit the budget needs of any food service establishment. Models include acrylic, wire and metal. Carriers crafted from wrought iron are much more resilient, and are priced slightly higher than other comparable models. However, wrought iron trays will withstand years of use in restaurants.

Condiment Organizers are Stocked by the 100sSome of the table caddies on this category feature a sign holder coil. This enables restaurants, commercial kitchens, and other food service locations to display menu or comment cards, advertise new menu merchandise, promote upcoming events, and more. These types of condiment organizers are ideal tabletop advertising tools for use within chain restaurants and concession stands. The sign coils are designed to grip the displayed signage, ensuring your menu merchandise and promotional cards stay in place. Having daily specials transcribed on a table is much more effective than only having your servers reading them aloud. If your restaurant patrons have a chance to look over what exactly the special is, they are more likely to order it.

These trays are ideal for a bar or restaurant! The ketchup and mustard trays help to keep your food service establishment looking neat and sorted. In many restaurants, condiments are simply grouped together on a table, and can quickly get pushed away from each other or strewn about the table. These table caddies, condiment organizers keep bottles together so your dining tables always look neat.

These condiment holders and organizers aren't just for offering patrons their favorite seasons or toppings, they are also advantageous to your entire establishment because they keep your restaurant running more efficiently. In many restaurants or concession stands, patrons have to ask their server for a specific condiment, wasting the servers' time running to go get it. If toppings are already on the table, your service staff can spend their time attending to more important things like taking orders and bringing out food.

What should I consider when deciding how many condiment containers to buy for a small business?
  • Seasoning servers are a high customer interaction product so they will need to be replaced frequently. Even the most sturdy condiment containers will need to be replaced a few times per year for sanitary reasons and to present a polished look to customers.
  • To buy these small commercial tools in bulk is highly affordable. Cost effectiveness can set any business apart, and so it behooves a restaurant owner to buy surplus small wares up front rather than placing orders on an as-needed basis.

Condiment Organizers Include Metal HoldersSome table caddies are round in design, for the placement of round bottles such as mustard, salt & pepper shakers, and hot sauce. Rectangular organizers are generally bigger than those with a round design, enabling users to place even more condiments on the table. Other caddies with a flat back are ideal for placement up against a wall or divider, so as not to take up too much tabletop space. Whatever type of holders customers choose to buy, they can be reassured knowing they are ordering from America's leading point of purchase marketing company.