Table Easels - Acrylic, Wire & Wood Options

Tabletop Easels for Displaying Frames, Books, & Other Merchandise on Counters

These tabletop easels provide a simple, easy and convenient way to display books and signage. Small stands are an effective way to get customer-s attention on any product. Don't let your product sit in a measly pile on the countertop, prop them up to help increase sales! Tabletop easels will significantly increase the visibility of products. This collection includes various materials including metal, wood and plastic. Many styles are compact and fold for portability and storage. Table easels can also be used as an ideal stand for cookbook demonstrations, book signings or meetings.

Table EaselsDisplay your treasures at home ,in the office, or in stores. Small easels can be placed on any countertop without taking up too much space, leaving room for other items or to conduct transactions in retail. Different styles are ideal for matching different settings and environments. The wooden table easels fold up easily and nicely blend in with wood finished tables. Looking for something more affordable? Wire easels provide all the functionality needed in a mini countertop easel while keeping costs incredibly low. The wire designs use either 2 or 3 piece construction to make it easily fold up. The three-wire table easel, which features a higher back, is ideal for displaying larger merchandise like cookbooks or fine china. Wire easels are incredibly durable for the price points. Buy in bulk to save even more money. If you're looking for book easels based solely on functionality, then acrylic is the best option. These displays are affordable, practical and accomplish the task at hand. Many bookstores prefer to use the acrylic displays because of the simple design.

Running an exhibit or museum? Metal countertop tripods and stands are the way to go. The ornate designs and patterns of these displays feature different designs and patterns. Fleur-de-Lis style displays are ideal for jewelry stores and boutiques. There are also simpler metal designs that provide sturdiness without the fancy wrought iron patterns.

What can I use these easels for?
  • Displaying small items on countertops and near cash registers.
  • Literatures, brochures and drink menus.
  • Magazines, books and other reading materials.
  • Small photo & poster frames.

Utitilizing little tripods and easels is an effective way to market items like books and trinkets on countertops. Use every inch of space available at checkout stations to increase POP sales. Book stores that offer a selection of the month can keep it placed by the register to intrigue paying customers. Make use of these countertop stands to potentially increase sales.