Gravity Dispensers - Cereal, Nuts, Coffee & Other Dry Goods

Gravity Dispensers Hold Cereal, Food, Candy & Coffee For Residential or Commercial Use

buffet cereal dispenserAre you shopping for a cereal dispenser for your restaurant or hotel buffet? There are several options to choose from on this site. Candy dispensers are available in many sizes and styles to suit specific needs. Choose from a single or double chamber container with acrylic or stainless steel accents. Use a cereal dispenser in just about any restaurant or dining facility to provide a neat, sorted tactic of both storing and offering cereals, grains, and other dry foods. These bins are popular to use on a breakfast buffet. Do you need a wall mounting dispenser? Look no further. Several of the units offered here can also be mounted to save on counter space. Another great space-saving option is a multi-chamber setup. One of our bulk cereal dispensers features four independent containers on one common base that rotates. Food dispensers are also great to use at home. Portion controlled models allow children to be independent and get their own cereal without taking too much. Utilize these displays when setting up breakfast buffets so guests can serve themselves.

Gravity dispensersMany of these units are also great for dry food storage at home. Gravity dispensers are an optimal means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When used as nut dispensers, these gravity bins can give people one ounce at a time, the perfect portion for an afternoon snack. These containers are the optimal bulk dispensers for large families, as well. Teach children good eating habits by allowing them to help themselves to a healthy portion of snack mix, peanuts, or candy. Another popular use for these stainless steel displays is at a breakfast buffet at a hotel or motel. Typically these dispensers are placed in the dining area in the morning for guests to get cereal or trail mix as part of their complimentary continental breakfast. When not in used for serving, these units act as a storage container for the snacks or cereals.

Coffee Bean Dispensers are Ideal for use at Grocery Stores

We offer a food container for everyone's taste. Grocery stores and super markets often have displays that need to closely place multiple grain dispensers. Coffee beans are popularly used so customers can bag and grind their own. There is a dry cereal dispenser in a series of different size capacities, mounting styles, and colors. This product line includes containers that are traditional bulk food bins, ideal for either home or retail settings. Choose between free-flowing or portion-controlled displays depending on the needs of your business or home. Within this series, we offer a residential dispenser specifically designed for home use (a short stature to fit on countertops, underneath cabinetry). Also within this line are commercial series dry food containers. These bins are crafted from powder-coated stainless steel and feature a slim design.

    How are these dispensers cleaned?
  • Many of the containers for these dry food bins can be placed in a dishwasher.
  • Some of the components must be hand washed.
  • For product specific information regarding any of these candy storage containers click on the item, or contact one of our helpful consumer service representatives.
    Can this be used for other dry food items?
  • Candy stores often use these dispensers to allow customers to fill up their own bags for purchase.
  • Grocery stores like Whole Foods use gravity displays to hold nuts and allow customers to grab as much (or as little) as they want.
  • All of the stainless steel and acrylic storage bins offered here are only intended for dry foods, not liquids.

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