Wall Curio Display Cabinet Offered In Several Finishes

Have you been scouring the web looking for a wall curio display cabinet that doesn't cost thousands of dollars? Are you looking for a small hanging case to house some precious collectibles? The wall curio cabinet selection above is from the builders at Howard Miller Company. All of these wooden showcases are built in the United States, by expert craftsmen. This wall curio display cabinet is offered in two different finishes; oak or cherry, as well as two different designs. Choose the wooden showcase that best complements your current d├ęcor or taste in fixtures. Place this wall curio display cabinet in a home or office to house a preferred collection of memorabilia, or to exhibit some small awards or accolades. All of these wood and glass showcases are made with the finest materials available. The wall curio display cabinet shown above has all tempered glass components. This safety glass is an important feature; should this unit break the resulting glass pieces will be small and rounded which is less of a hazard than standard plate glass. This wall curio display cabinet also features four adjustable shelves which are also made of this same tempered glass. Any of the shelf components can be removed or repositioned to accommodate merchandise of varying size. This wall curio display cabinet also features a mirrored-back that further enhances the overall look of the unit. Given the all-glass sides and front, along with the mirror backing; sufficient natural light is able to pass through the case, dismissingthe need for artificial lighting.

This wall curio display cabinet also has a unique feature called a "no-tip" base that allows this unit to also be used on a mantel or countertop. This is exceptionally beneficial to those shoppers that don't want to put holes in the walls or for those that rearrange fixtures in their home or office on a regular basis. The hinged door on this wall curio display cabinet allows easy access to the contents within. Use this mounted wooden showcase in lieu of placing precious merchandise out on a table or desk where they could possibly be knocked to the floor and broken. Hanging this wall curio display cabinet up out of reach not only acts as a alluring fixture, it provides peace of mind that your cherished collectibles won't be harmed.

    How much assembly is required with this wall curio display cabinet?
  • This selection of wooden mounted cases ship fully assembled.
  • Upon receipt, this wall curio display cabinet need only have the glass shelves placed at the desired position prior to use.
  • For shoppers unfamiliar with mounting heavy items to a wall, a professional should be consulted.
    What shipping methods are offered for this wall curio display cabinet?
  • There are several shipment options available with these wood and glass exhibit cases.
  • This wall curio display cabinet is within the standard measurements to qualify for ground or air shipping.
  • For questions regarding any of the wood cases by Howard Miller offered here; contact a member of our staff, or view the product details page.

These wooden showcases are designed and built by the masters at Howard Miller Company. The Howard Miller name stands for exceptional quality materials as well as unbeatable craftsmanship. The company began many years ago as a clock maker, and slowly progressed into other wood-based products such as these wall mounted units, and other tower, and floor standing showcases. All of these Howard Miller glass and wood cases are sure to last for many years, and are typically handed down to younger generations as family heirlooms.

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