Wall Mounted Glass Display Cases Are Ideal For A Retail Store!

These wall mounted glass display cases are designed to move store products out of floor-standing cabinets and up to the standard eye level of your patrons. These hanging showcases are not only a great buy; they also ship fast when in stock. Are you looking for wall mounted glass display cases that don't have to be assembled? These mountable cabinets require no assembly other than the placement of the shelves. This gives store merchandisers and store managers the choice to either expand their product lines or remove floor-standing store showcases and free up floor space to open up the store sales floor a bit. Wall-mount showcases, wall mounted glass display cases can hold a wide array of products, from makeup or other cosmetics to action figures, sports memorabilia, trophies, electronics, cameras, glasses or sunglasses, souvenirs and more! You will find retail cabinets like these hanging store displays in many different types of settings including retail, office or lobby environments! These wall mounted glass display cases include many beneficial features such as lights, locking doors, and a mirrored back. With all of these amenities, at unbeatable prices it's plain to see why these units are one of the best sellers here.

    Should these wall mounted glass display cases be professionally installed?
  • These store showcases are fairly easy to install and include a detailed set of instructions.
  • These wall mounted glass display cases are rather heavy and do require an assistant to properly mount.
  • For those shoppers that are unfamiliar with mounting large items to a wall, or have never done so before, professional installation is definitely recommended.
    Where are these wall mounted glass display cases commonly used?
  • These hanging showcases are often used in specialty stores such as sunglass shops, and jewelry boutiques.
  • Another popular location one might see these wall mounted glass display cases is a retailer that sells crystal objects.
  • Although these showcases are intended for use in a commercial environment; they are also suitable for an office or lobby.

These store showcases, also known as retail cabinets, feature an angled-front construction to add a unique design element to your commercial environment. These showcases are crafted from either clear-coat anodized aluminum, or black powder-coated aluminum, and tempered glass panels. Wall-mount showcases feature a plunger lock with sliding doors so only authorized individuals have access to displayed merchandise. Depending upon the size of the showcases, they are equipped with either three or four 20-watt halogen top lights. Light bulbs are recessed into the showcases' top canopy within recessed eyeball fixtures. This fixture system allows lights to be angled towards the front or rear of your showcases. A rocker-style on/off switch is located in the inner-right hand corner of all store cabinets. Full-length tempered glass shelves are fully height-adjustable and feature rubber-padded shelf clips to secure them in place within the showcases.

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