Wall Showcase Ships Fast When In Stock

This wall showcase, also known a retail cabinet, has many great features for a store owner. This hanging exhibit cabinet provides a large area to place products, yet doesn't take up any precious floor space. Are you looking for a wall showcase to protect precious merchandise in a store or boutique? These glass cabinets will allow customers to view the contents without having to touch them without the employees consent. Many show cases, such as store fixtures, or wall showcases, have fixed shelves, so your merchandise have to fit into a specific area. This can ultimately limit store owners to only a small selection of products that will fit inside the case. However, we offer this wall showcase with fully adjustable tempered glass shelves, so the glass cabinets can be configured to accommodate the objects retailers would like to fill it with. This line of glass cases also features a mirrored-backer to further enhance the merchandise on exhibit. Also featured in this wall showcase are 20-watt halogen top lights to further highlight the merchandise on display. This unit is a preferred among jewelry stores and other retailers that sell crystal objects. An electrical cord and rocker-style on/off switch make lighting changes quick and simple. All glass surfaces of this wall showcase is crafted from tempered glass. This safety glass is typically a requirement for fixtures that are used within a public area. A wall showcase with this construction is much safer than similar units crafted from traditional, annealed glass.

    How is this wall showcase shipped?
  • Due to the delicate nature of these units, as well as the size and weight, the only shipping method available is freight.
  • This wall showcase ships fully assembled in a crate which further adds to the overall size that makes these too large for standard carriers to handle.
  • For more information regarding shipping costs, or product related questions, contact one of our call center experts who will be happy to assist.
    Is all the necessary hardware included to mount this wall showcase?
  • This series of glass display cabinets comes with all of the required components to successfully mount it to the wall.
  • The wall showcase for sale here mounts to the wall with a standard z-bar.
  • See the product page for a detailed description of the installation and other required tools and recommended number of assistants needed to hang this alluring glass case.

Retail cases provide a great means of clearing up room on your display floor. Instead of having floor-standing cabinets, with products below eye level, invest in wall-mounted store cases. These cabinets, store exhibits mount right on a wall, saving floor-space and bringing products up to standard eye level. These glass units are an excellent choice for busy, crowded or small retail store environments. Even if your shop is spacious, adding wall-mount displays can give merchandisers the space needed to enhance existing product lines, or even add new products. These hanging display cabinets are the perfect fixtures for retail stores as they feature sliding, locking doors to keep merchandise secured. In fact, these glass cabinets, store showcases may be just the fixture your shop needs to look fresh and sorted.

There are more than 4000 unique products within 3 warehouses; the majority of which are ready for same day shipment. Glass exhibit cases are one of the many specialty merchandise offered here. This company was started with just a few custom acrylic units that were sold to local financial establishments and other businesses around the state of Rhode Island. This online retailer has since grown into one of the nation's largest POP manufacturers, with over 200,000 square feet of warehouse space full of objects. Buy one of these glass displays today! Perhaps you know what you want to exhibit but don't have an exact idea of what it should look like? There are floor and wall mount categories that can offer solutions and ideas! There is also a wide range of point of purchase displays across several lines of objects that can help shoppers to create a successful sales environment. Additional collection lines beyond POP displays include; curio cabinets, tower showcases, and custom retail merchandising fixtures; all are available at Displays2go. Orders can be placed on this secure website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For those shoppers who would rather speak to an actual person, there are several well-trained representatives available to take orders, answer inquiries and quote freight costs. There is also a live chat feature available weekdays during regular business hours for instant access to a live representative that can answer brief frequently asked questions, or other concerns. Shop with confidence here! We appreciate your patronage, and hope to be of service again in the near future.