Stanchions And Ropes Available in Sets or Individual Components

Stanchion & Rope Sets


Silver Stanchion Base with Chrome Finish

Crowd Control Stanchions and Ropes for Museums, Lobbies, and Events

Is your business in the market for an upscale crowd control system? Stanchions and ropes deliver the look and quality one would expect to see in exclusive environments. Upscale metallic posts and soft velour or braided nylon lines come in many color choices. These high-end systems offer a mark of distinction wherever they are used. Unlike retractable belt models, common to checkout lines, stanchions and ropes provide an upscale style suitable for grand openings, theatrical premieres, and stately lobbies. Not only do we offer the industry standard Tensabarrier brand, we also offer our own QueuePole line. Combining top quality construction with the lowest prices on the web, QueuePole stanchions and ropes has exceeded customer expectations as the alternative, yet worthy, choice.

Closeup of a black rope stanchion post
    How can I buy a crowd control system?
  • Our QueuePole stanchions and ropes are packed and sold in sets for convenience and cost effective shipping. Tensabarrier items are sold as single units with only one post and rope. Both systems provide a span of six feet.
  • Steel stanchions come in a variety of finishes including: powder-coated black, polished metallic gold or silver, and brushed metallic gold or silver. Post tops feature flat head, tulip, or round ball designs. All posts come with weighted bases for extra stability, and non-marring rubber bases to protect the flooring.
  • When designing a crowd control system, you may need to order a single stanchion. Called receiver posts, these stand at the end of a line to accept the last rope. Prefer to end a queue line at a wall? Purchase a wall plate receiver which replaces the need (and cost) for an extra post.
  • Additional ropes are sold for our QueuePole series only. Choose the traditional plush red velvet, or opt for a soft velour or braided nylon style in blue or black. All ropes feature metal hooks with chrome-plated finishes.
  • Sign toppers offer an opportunity to inform or direct patrons in a professional manner. We stock slide in 4-side sign holders, bottom rail holders, and literature baskets.

These upscale barriers are used to section off crowds from VIPs and they help form organized lines in areas with high foot traffic. Crowd control configurations are only limited by the size of your interior layout. Shop from our extensive selection for the system that works best for you. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations!