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Stanchions And Ropes | Velvet Rope & Braided

Stanchions and Ropes | Velvet Rope Stanchions For Crowd Control

These stanchions and ropes are a great addition to Displays2go stanchion collection. The portable posts, stanchions are optimal for upscale locations as they feature a traditional post & velvet rope design. Use these stanchions and ropes in movie theaters or live performance theaters, VIP areas, museums, banks, restaurants, ticketing offices and more. Velvet ropes stanchions are a fool-proof tactic of crowd control. Customers or patrons appreciate stanchions for helping form lines to ensure a first-come, first-served process. Stanchions and ropes set up in a zig-zag pattern (as often seen in banks, retail stores or other places where longer lines occur), help to maximize floor area, keeping people neatly sorted in a smaller space than with traditional straight lines.

    What is the difference between these velvet rope stanchions and others?
  • These stanchions and ropes are available in various designs and different colors.
  • Velvet ropes come in black, blue and red to fit your environment.
  • These stanchions are inexpensive and have good quality.
  • Velvet ropes can be purchased separately.

This selection of stanchions includes many color and finish options to best coordinate with your retail or commercial environment. Three types of stanchions are offered: modern flat-top, classic tulip-top, and upscale round-top. We offer stanchions in your preference of matte black, polished chrome, or polished brass finishes. All posts are constructed from heavy-duty steel with a alluring finish. We offer luxurious ropes in your preference of black, blue and red velvet ropes. You have the choice to create your own stanchions by buying individual posts, ropes and accessories. Or you can save yourself the time and stress by buying a pre-configured system of stanchions which includes two stanchions and one rope. A polished chrome sign frame is also offered to help even more in guiding customers or patrons.