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Gridwall - Towers, Panels and Wall Mounting Grids for Retail Stores

Grid FixturesGridwall is an increasingly popular choice amongst retailers looking to conserve space. Store merchandisers are often seeking an effective an affordable solution to utilize wall and floor space. With increasingly high rent prices, store owners look for every opportunity available to showcase extra inventory.Gridwall is a rugged, versatile and inexpensive solution. By planting towers and panels throughout a store, designers can create an easy to manage display that can be updated easily. Clothing stores especially can benefit from the use of a gridwall setup. Hooks and hangers are easy to remove and relocate. Showcase shirts on a cascading hanger to display multiple items on one hanger.

Grid WallGridwall is available in a variety of different styles including wall hanging displays or floorstanding towers. Panels are available to fill wall space in retail stores. The vast selection of accessories give retailers plenty of customization options. Use baskets, hooks, shelves and sign holders to customize any setup. Constantly changing the setup of your store? Try out mobile grid configurations! Hang clothes and other displays on these stands to easily maneuver retail items to various locations throughout the store. Bases and wall mount brackets can also be purchased separately, catering to each individual store's specific needs.

Grid panels and fixtures provide users many benefits for people trying to save money over similarly touted slatwall. Gridwall can be much more cost efficient, especially when dealing with large department and clothing stores. Rigging a whole retail setup with slatwall could be approximately double the cost of a grid arrangement. Slat panels are also much heavier and available in different colors. Grid pieces are lightweight, and often in neutral colors to match any store setting. A wide variety of accessories are also easily compatible with grid displays, whereas slatwall fixtures require specifically designated accessories.

What stores commonly use these displays?
  • Clothing Stores - Add baskets, shelves and hangers to display clothes and clothing accessories
  • Garages - Auto shops and home garages alike can hang tools on these grid displays.
  • Department Stores - The mobility of these displays makes it easy to rearrange any large merchandising setups.
  • Gridwall AccessoriesHanging grids are a truly unique product line. They are very cost effective and can be readily changed at any time. Change your store fixture accessories to match your weekly specials or order various accessories so each side of the grid display can be used to objects a different type of objects. Grid displays are exceptionally popular because of its low cost and the ability for the retailer to have the ability to efficiently change the look of the display as often as needed.