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Trays & Stands | Bars, Cafeterias and Restaurants

Restaurant Tray Stands & Bar Trays in Many Different Colors

tray standsWhy will tray stands and bar trays help improve your restaurant business? Using trays with stands helps waiters and waitresses easily serve guests and help increase restaurant efficiency. The platter stands can be folded and open easily to be used for trays and platters. Different styles of these tray stands are available, including wood and chrome designs. Choose between a variety of finishes including the walnut and red mahogany, which will match the décor of any upscale establishment. The standard chrome is simplistic and blends seamlessly with any setting and are popular among diners and drive up fast food restaurants like Sonic. Use stands residentially for TV dinners. The fold up design helps conserve space and makes it easy to store these stands. Easily slip them in a closet or beneath the bar. Scatter them in various locations throughout any restaurant to provide waiters and waitresses with easy access at all times. Tray stands are easy and light restaurant equipment for wait staff to carry, and the red nylon straps easily support any tray loaded with food and drinks.

round serving tray

    What features make these platter stands and non-skid trays ideal for busy restaurants?
  • Tray stands can support large amounts of weight, saving wait staff additional trips to the kitchen.
  • The fold up design allows multiple units to be stacked up against the wall, or underneath a bar or hostess station.
  • Wide serving platters can be placed on top of these stands, providing room for multiple meals and courses to be brought out to paying customers.
  • Non-skid design prevents meals from shifting during dinner service.

Choosing the Tray Style That is Right for You

Our non-skid tray selection offers inventory ideal for upscale dining and trays perfect for fast food restaurants and cafeterias. Round bar trays are available in different sizes and offered in neutral colors - black & "tavern tan." They are also easier for waiters and waitresses to carry with one hand so servers have a free hand to set up a stand or carry accessories like straws and condiments. Some platters (both round and rectangular) feature cork linings to prevent drinks from tipping over. In a bar setting, trays can often get slippery. Non-skid plates like these feature a cork surface that will absorb any moisture from drink glasses and entrees.

Cafeteria trays are available in neutral colors as well as brighter options including red and blue. The rectangular shape is ideal for self-serve or fast food settings. They are also stackable and feature raised edges to accelerate drying time, making it ideal for cafeterias and fast food establishments with high customer turnover rates. When outfitting any cafeteria, durability should be one of the most important factors when considering what equipment to purchase.

    What types of serving trays are available?
  • Cork lined: Slip resistant to help prevent drinks from spilling over
  • Rectangular: stackable with raised edges (ideal for cafeterias).
  • Round: features diameters between 12" and 22".
  • Materials include plastic, cork & fiberglass.

Fully outfitting any restaurant with stands and trays is the ideal way to increase efficiency and save some serious coin. Buying this combination together is an easy way to get your whole restaurant ready to serve! Equip the bar, waiters and waitresses and take out line with ease!