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Outdoor Podiums - Waterproof & Made from Recycled Materials

Outdoor Podiums & Lecterns Featuring Waterproof Plastic Paneling

Summit LecternThis outdoor podium line is made of recycled products, and the podiums are 100% recyclable themselves! The outdoor podium selection consists of several lecterns and styles of podiums that are waterproof, making them ideal for on-the-lawn graduations, meetings or classes that take place outside. All of our outside lecterns feature a one piece construction design that adds rigidity to these solid podiums. This outdoor podium line, such as church podiums or speaker stand lecterns have rounded corners to almost dismiss damage to a facility & the lectern while moving it around if it should bump into a wall. This outdoor podium line, such as church podiums or recycled plastic lecterns are lightweight at 48 lbs. for a full height lectern, & 23 lbs. for a tabletop version.

Our full height outdoor podium has recessed tilt wheels that make moving this lectern a breeze. With alleviate this pulpit can be moved by a single person, by just tilting the lectern back and rolling away. This outdoor podium, such as recycled plastic speaker stand has a toe kick indentation and knee indentation to make it more comfortable to stand in front of. This outdoor podium, such as recycled plastic speaker stand, or church lectern has a shelf for a presenter to keep a glass of water with no worries of the glass spilling and ruining the lectern. The outdoor podium line, such as church lecterns, or recycled plastic podiums have a trough on the reading surface to hold a writing utensil in place. This outdoor podium also has a padded wrist rest for ergonomics during a long winded lecture.

One of the best qualities of this outdoor podium, although there are many, is that it can withstand a 60 foot drop onto concrete with little to no damage to the lectern itself. The manufacturer has included a 12 year inadequate warranty on the shell of this outdoor podium, based on normal use. This outdoor podium line, such as recycled plastic podiums, church lecterns, or a single speaker stand are completely made in America! This outdoor podium line, such as recycled plastic podiums or church lecterns are even OSHA approved.

Although your outdoor podium preference will come with a stock insert, these inserts are very quickly switchable by just unscrewing it and replacing it with a new color or material preference. Our insert line, lectern selection, & trade show supplies are continuously changing and flourishing so please do check Displays2go.com often.