Pole Brackets For Outdoor Use

Pole Brackets - Mounting Kits For Street Banners & Flags

Pole Brackets Pole brackets allow for adding decorative & informative vertical flags to an outdoor presentation. Banner hardware includes flexible bars with which you can attach your flags to a street pole or light post. The bands are clearly adjustable and can therefore fit different-size & shape poles with alleviate. These pole brackets, banner brackets are sold without graphics so you can custom design your artwork at home. By purchasing the hardware separately, you are gaining a better understanding of how the banner will fit onto a street pole. By understanding better how these pole brackets work, your advertising banners will be that much more effective at displaying the intended message. An added benefit is the ability to choose the exact length of banner you would like to display. These pole brackets are not attached to each other in any way, without the banner, and can therefore be positioned as far apart as you'd like.

    What features do these banner brackets have?

  • These pole brackets feature on-pole adjustment to make banners taut.
  • These pole banner displays allow you to install easily and durable for a long time.
  • Various designs and materials are available to choose from.
  • Single-side or double-sided are available for different display needs.

The banner hardware, street pole hardware is equipped with all of the necessary tools to effectively attach your banners to a street pole or light post. All you will need to provide are the graphics themselves. We recommend using the street pole hardware to announce upcoming events, such as a town fair, or to display holiday-related greetings. The street pole hardware, also known as light pole banners are frequently used in shopping center areas and college campuses as well. Why not purchase (2) hardware kits to create a 2-sided display?

We sell street pole hardware in a variety of sizes & styles to accommodate any presentational need, option & and spatial regulation. In addition to light pole banners &, we also offer a wide variety of display fixtures, including banner stands, sign standoffs & lighted window signs. Please feel free to browse through our entire selection to find the right display fixtures & accessories for your needs. In addition to our diverse selection of products, we also offer custom imprinted vinyl banners for use with many of our products. If you're looking for quick shipping & vinyl banners guaranteed to fit your stands, shop at Displays2go first.