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Trade Show Games Keep Guests Entertained

Trade Show Games - Plinko-Like Games and Small Prize Drop Carrying Case

trade show games

How will trade show games help differentiate your presentation from competitors'? These amusement products are successful at promoting a product, service or company. Trade show games give a booth or an exhibit a boost in success by just adding entertainment. These gaming fixtures are lightweight in design, making them easy to carry to & from events. The trade show games are sold in a few different styles & sizes, catering to the spatial regulations of trade show marketing as well as the personal preferences of users. These portable amusement boards are presently available in three varieties: plinko style, "display-n-play" & and prize pinball. The trade show games, also known as trade show entertainment, can only be purchased as blank fixtures. These gaming displays, however, are equipped with software to produce your own headers & inserts. This gives users the ability to personalize each presentation based around clientele, products, services or surroundings. Trade show games entertain patrons while providing information about a product or service being promoted. If used correctly, these gaming displays can improve the overall effectiveness of a presentation by incorporating entertainment into a presentation.

What is the difference between these trade show games?
  • Plinko style boards have a very basic way of playing: dropping a disc into the frame.
  • The "Display-n-Play" fixtures allow for more creativity.
  • Ask trivia questions.
  • Teach a class about mathematical equations.
  • Create a memory activity for children.
  • The "Display-n-Play" is available as a wall-mounting unit.
  • Prize pinball games are a portable promotion tool for trade show booths. These boards are a fun alternative to more traditional expo games and attract attendees with its retro style.
  • The trade show games, or tabletop plinko style boards, fit inside a custom suitcase (offered independently.)

Trade show games, shown here, provide a powerful punch to any trade show marketing attempts. Plinko style boards, for example, include three round flat discs with which to play. Contestants simply drop a disc into a board. The puck then ricochets against the 68 pegs until landing in one of eight prize slots. Not only will participants be excited to play this pricing game of chance, but the "plinking" sound it creates will corral a large production of spectators. Having effective trade show marketing tools is essential to any successful exhibit. These trade show games offer a more unique tool to assemble crowds of enthusiastic visitors to a booth. These gaming devices make stereotypical swag merchandise, such as pens & notepads, more cliché & therefore ineffectual.

trade show games These trade show games expose your promotional materials to a larger group of potential clients. The gaming displays will also have clients leaving in a happy mood, ultimately associating a positive experience with a company's name, products & services. Trade show booth products are designed to entertain & inform. Consumers will appreciate the attempt at entertainment & will be more willing to listen to a sales pitch when in a good spirits. These amusement fixtures make any trade show booth or exhibit more lively & full of energy.

The trade show games with blank inserts, offer a more customizable choice. These "display-n-play" boards feature a 15-slot design with which users can play a variety of games. Why not use each slot to display trivia questions or a game of Jeopardy? These trade show games can even be used to assist a presenter by displaying interesting facts about a particular product or company. Offices & corporate event planners would also benefit from incorporating these gaming boards into a presentation. Improve employee morale by allowing participants to play after a job well done. The blank displays are available in both floor-standing & wall-mounted designs.

What makes these trade show marketing tools more effective than standard promotional materials & presentational equipment?
  • By equipping a trade show booth with games of chance, you are providing a form of entertainment.
  • Trivia questions, for example, provoke players to want to learn more about your product or services in order to win prizes.
  • Trade show entertainment will leave a positive impression upon new & potential clients, with which can be associated with your company &/or the products being promoted.

Customization is key to creating successful trade show displays. These gaming products provide users with a blank canvas on which to create personalized presentations & exciting awards. Encourage passersby to visit your trade show booth by offering highly-desired prizes or by displaying eye-popping colors & graphics. True, the sound of "plinking" within a board will draw in crowds; however users will want visitors to stay long enough to hear a pitch. Having an eye-catching presentation will help create an effective first impression. For these reasons, the gaming displays include CDs with templates to develop personalized inserts in either Word® or Illustrator®. Simply insert the disc & open the appropriate document for your fixture. Now put your creative thoughts to work, creating the most striking graphics possible! Remember, the ultimate intent is to sell a product or service as well as your company. These gaming tools are just that, tools. The entertainment displays are designed to draw in crowds & assist trade show marketing exhibitors with presenting materials in a more exciting manner. Don't make the gaming products the focal point of a presentation, but rather as a reward device.

How else can these carnival game tools be used to incorporate fun into everyday events? Corporate event planners, for example, can use these products to entertain employees during annual conferences or training activities. These chance game devices also work within an office to improve employee morale. Why not set sales goals or a list of tasks needed to be completed. For every intent reached, allow employees to play a game. The carnival game fixtures could even be used as a reward for a job well done, at the end of a quarter or year. These amusement game tools suit educational environments as well. Teachers can customize each prize slot with mathematical equations or trivia questions to ask students. With each correct answer, offer an award or prize. By consolidating fun with learning, students will be more interested in learning the information to play, in order to acquire the prizes! These entertainment displays will suit retail environments. Have patrons spend a certain dollar amount in order to get a chance to play!

In addition to amusement displays, there is also a wide variety of marketing tools, including floor-standing banner stands & tabletop fixtures. Why not use a tabletop presentation board to showcase an informative images & literature within a booth? The floor-standing graphics will also intrigue passersby to stop at a tradeshow booth & learn more about your services! Wall-mounted fixtures optimize presentational space without overwhelming visitors. Noticeably Displays2go understands the importance of creating a successful marketing campaign to make a company stand out. For this reason, we offer over 7,000 unique products, including plinko style game boards in floor-standing & mini tabletop sizes, through our website.

Only through our website can clients find such a diverse selection of presentational equipment! Plinko style games & blank gaming board products can all be found online! Start shopping now to find the right merchandise for your individual needs. Buy a game board, or "Display-n-Play", to entertain new clients at your next big event! There is even an extensive selection of marketing tools & presentational supplies. In fact, users can find everything needed to update an entire presentation. From custom-printed banners & plinko style boards to tabletop displays & full-blown retail display racks & counters, choose the right accessories online, through our website.