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Street Banners Sold Without Brackets

Light pole banners help businesses and communities convey messages to locals or potential customers. These street banners are custom-imprinted with either one or two vinyl colors. The light pole banners, also known simply as pennants, attract attention from afar, as they are often mounted high on a lamppost. Communities often hang the displays to communicate well wishes during the holiday season or to tell townsfolk of upcoming events. Businesses implement light pole banners to advertise sales, clearances, promotions and more. These flags do not include hardware brackets. This makes them ideal for using as replacement light pole banners. Sometimes all that is need are the images. Why purchase a whole set with hardware brackets when the light pole banners are also available by themselves? These displays are offered this way to save time, and more significantly, money. The light pole flags are available in standard sizes Click For More Information Regarding A Warranty On Light Pole Banners Fabric (24" x 48", 30" x 60", 30" x 84, & 36" x 60"), with a 3" rod pole pocket, to accommodate some of the most popular styles of hardware brackets. If mounts are still needed, those may be purchased separately, or as a kit with street flags (see related categories to the right). Adding these light pole banners to current marketing and advertising campaigns is a great way to reach more prospective patrons or clients! Many different flags are available here!

What Features Make This Street Banner The Right Preference For Outdoor Use?
  • marine-grade fabric:
    • light pole banners crafted from solution-dyed acrylic fibers to resist fading in the sunlight or even with the use of chlorine bleach as a cleaning agent
    • water-repellent
    • light pole banners are stain & mildew-resistant
    • UV stabilizers dismiss the chance of "dry rot" (when the light pole banners literally crumble from sun exposure)
  • two-ply flags are sturdier than single ply displays
  • street banner features hemmed edges to prevent fraying
  • the fabric has been tested to last for up to 6 years outside!

Street Banners Use Vinyl Imprinting!These street flags feature custom vinyl application. These can be applied in either one or two colors on the light pole banners. Available colors include: red, blue, white, yellow, green, black, burgundy, teal and gray. Templates are available on each product page to create completely custom light pole banners. The guidelines are in Adobe® Illustrator® format. There are some things to keep in mind when designing custom light pole banners: images must not be too small in relation to the banner; no more than 2 colors may be used (choose whether you'd like 1 or 2 color options at checkout); lines must not be too thin in comparison to the light pole banners; artwork must remain inside the imprint area (1/2" bleed); vector shapes must be merged. Light Pole Banners Attract Attention!Vector images must be a solid color (no gradients), and be simple shapes or text. Full color digital printing light pole banners (not these vinyl application ones) are the right preference if your designs include any type of gradients, detailed artwork, true to life images, or numerous color overlays. Text that is small and or detailed should also be used with this type of digital printing banner, as well. Vinyl-imprinting is a great way to create simple, easy to read light pole banners. Other street banner styles may suit your needs better, however.

How Can My Business Benefit From Displaying Light Pole Banners?
  • There are many types of ads out there, not all of which are great at catching the eye of those that you want to see it. These light pole banners, however, are professionally made, intimating a well-run, high-functioning business model. These are not going to be viewed in the same manner as paper ads stapled to a lamppost.

  • As the public's attitude towards big businesses are making a slow but steady turn towards the negative (in general, they are being seen as a greedy and money and power hungry), businesses need to find a way to distance themselves from this image. Light pole banners are generally associated with town happenings or at least small town businesses. Investing in long-term street flag advertisements, versus costly, temporary, billboard advertisements can help put your name in the right place in the mind's of consumers.

These vinyl imprint flags are a great tradeoff between fully-customizable displays and stock pennants. Many events call for specific wording or images that are not available with pre-designed street banner flags. Fully customizable displays require extensive knowledge of design editing software and a broad imagination. Custom vinyl-imprint displays give the best of both worlds. Text and images are customized by the shopper, but they can be applied in a simple, easy to read manner, and with restricted knowledge of just one software. If your company is looking for simple displays for communicating information to a target audience, these may be the right preference!

Purchase a custom street flag (sold without hardware brackets) in one of four available colors: Pacific Blue, Forest Green, Linen and Cardinal Red. Pacific Blue and Cardinal Red are great for really drawing the attention of passersby with bright, vibrant colors. The forest green and linen flag displays feature more subdued colors, and are the perfect preference for environmentally conscious messages. Along with these four fabric options are nine different vinyl options and four sizes available. Choosing the right size for your business should be quick and easy. Click on a product based on banner size and color. Once in the product page, decide if one or two vinyl colors are needed. Click to download the template and start designing!

Communities use these street banner graphics for a wide variety of reasons. The flags without hardware brackets often hang in a town square or other common area, simply communicating well wishes to passersby. For example, they could read: Happy Holidays, Have A Safe & Fun Summer, Fall Into Autumn, Spring Has Sprung, or other witty lines. They can be used to communicate important information, such as: Be Sure To Clean Up After Your Pet, or 'Keep The Beach Trash Free – Carry Out All Litter'. Street flags also highlight upcoming events, like street fairs, farmers' markets, theater productions, concerts and more. Hanging these displays with hardware brackets is a great way to convey information to your target audience!

Many different businesses implement post banner flags and hardware brackets as a means of advertising. Retail stores display sale or clearance signs. Car dealerships mount the flags upon hardware brackets in their lots to advertise new models, promotional financing or other incentives to potential buyers. Hotels & resorts decorate their grounds with advertisements of services offered (on-site spas, restaurants, golf courses, etc), or areas of local interest. Schools & universities hang the street flags on lampposts throughout campus announcing areas of study, coming events and more.

These solution-dyed acrylic fiber fabric street flags are a great addition to any marketing and advertising campaign. The displays have been tested to last for up to 6 years outside. They feature vinyl imprinting with either 1 or 2 color custom designs and the banner itself is available in four colors: Pacific Blue, Cardinal Red, Linen or Forest Green. Hardware brackets are not included with these products. This makes them ideal for purchase as replacement graphics. Hardware brackets are available separately if needed. There are many different styles to choose from. Hardware brackets are also available kitted with a flag, if that is a better choice for your company.

This company is a leading supplier of custom imprinted street banner pennants, as well as hardware brackets. The entire banner stands category is home to many different product lines, including retractable, Swedish designed, outdoor, teardrop, and hanging displays. Many are available with custom printing and others offer a wide variety of stock choices. These outdoor custom flag pennants (without brackets or hardware) are a great way to advertise and communicate information to a target audience! Find thousands more point-of-purchase products right here! Customers can save money buy these popular custom artwork merchandise without hardware brackets! Attract attention with any color flag! Each banner is 2-ply and will include either one or two vinyl applications. They often hang high on a lamppost to really stand out in business areas or communities! Use our live chat feature for help in find just the right style of pennants and hardware for your needs!