Tabletop Exhibit Display with Custom Graphics

Three Dimensional Multi-Panel, Full Color Tabletop Exhibit Displays

custom table top displaysThese tabletop exhibit displays are an excellent addition to trade show booths, with their unique three-dimensional design! The portable systems communicate important information to a target audience. A tabletop exhibit display from this collection is commonly used at large-scale, public events, to attract attention. Salesmen find banner stands, such as these, provide an interesting, graphical component to any presentation. Everybody knows that graphics and images, especially with full-color printing, are generally more effective at attracting and holding the eye of consumers, than boring data or pushy marketing and advertising ploys. Designing and integrating a visually-stimulating and vibrant tabletop trade show display is a great way to reach potential customers, clients or patrons that may have otherwise just walked right by your booths! These exhibition or tradeshow systems can really steal the show at the next event! Maybe you already know about merchandise, such as these. Have you been searching the internet, looking for the best price or greatest selection of tabletop exhibit displays? You can relax, because you've finally come to the right place! This company has several different styles of tabletop exhibit display stands, as well as a huge selection of floor-standing units! Start shopping now!

What style of tabletop exhibit display is available?
  • A 3-quad exhibition banner, designed to stand tall on a table!
  • A 3 across by 2 down tabletop exhibit display, with 6 square graphic panels.
  • A 3 X 3 frame, with a stand out diamond panel and several square and rectangular fabric pieces.
  • Another 3 square x 3 square tabletop exhibit display with 9 fabric squares.
  • An additional-large, 4 X 3 stand, with a mix of diamond, rectangular and square fabric.

booths displayTabletop exhibit displays are very lightweight, making them easy to carry around a trade show or exhibition hall. The banner stands are not heavy, but feature a wide footprint (the depth of the frame is just under 1 foot), to ensure stability on top of a table. The tabletop exhibit display is crafted from lightweight silver aluminum, with black "hubs". Fabric panels feature small slits at all four corners. In this manner, they button to the frame. As the tabletop exhibit display is nearly 1' deep, there is a set of connector points along both the front and back sides of the frame. These connectors keep the frame stable. To create the three-dimensional appearance of these tabletop exhibit displays, material squares (and other shapes) are buttoned onto either the front or rear of the unit. To also facilitate transportation, all of these tradeshow banner stands include a soft carrying case. This bag is the perfect size to accommodate the tabletop exhibit displays, and the smaller units even leave room for additional trade show accessories. Moving the portable systems between events or even booths has never been easier! This tabletop exhibit display is not only easy to transport, but they also set up quickly!

When these units are shipped the graphics are already attached! To open this tabletop exhibit display, simply pull up on one corner of the frame, while an assistant pulls up on the other. The framing will spring open, almost on its own. When folded down, the largest tabletop exhibit display measures only 10" wide by 8" high by 17" deep, but when opened, it measures 56-1/2" wide by 42-1/4" high by 10-3/4" deep! These banner graphics fold down to a convenient size!

What are some more unique uses for these tabletop exhibit displays other than tradeshows?
  • lobby or entrance areas of:
    • zoos
    • museums
    • amusement parks
    • aquariums
    • art galleries
  • food festivals
  • wine tastings
  • grand openings for stores, markets, health clubs, etc
  • sales seminars
  • on-site product demonstrations or promotions
  • job or college fairs
  • wedding, home or garden exhibitions
  • concerts
  • as a decorative element for upscale banquets, showers, or parties

These trade show booths or stands are completely customized with customer artwork! The three-dimensional panels feature full-color vibrant printing, designed to attract the attention of a target audience! On each product page, customers will see a link to templates. They can then download the templates (in Adobe® Illustrator® format) and start creating their own designs. Please note that when designing the fabric panels, customers will want to keep informed of the "X-Factor". The "X-Factor" is the phenomenon that is a result of tension at four corners of any piece of fabric. This is most obvious towards the outer edges of the fabric, and least obvious towards the center. Keeping this in mind, you will want to keep text and logos towards the center of each fabric panel, so as not to create a distorted logo or message. Also, not only can the text or image be distorted, but the color can, as well (as the fabric stretches, the color becomes less saturated). While this is definitely something to keep in mind, most graphics are centered on the panels by default. A 1/2" bleed is also provided on these templates. This allows one half inch of design area around the perimeter of the fabric panel that will be cut off. This ensures the color or design goes completely to the edge of the fabric when on the lightweight frames. Do not place any important information or graphics in this 1/2" bleed, as it will be eliminated before hemming.

dipslay boards for tablesThis three-dimensional portable popup is a great addition to any tradeshow booth! They feature a variety of square, diamond, and rectangular material panels. A few of them include just a configuration of different squares. The exhibits showcase a specific, custom-designed message to a onlookers. Booths are often consumed with several exhibition elements like tables, floor-standing banner stands, literature dispenser systems and more. These portable tabletop pop ups are a great way to reduce the amount of additional fixtures needed to attract potential customers or patrons. The banner graphics can be placed directly on top of a table or counter, with supporting literature or information in front on it. The 3D frames and portable systems add style and pizzazz to tradeshow booths! They are available in an array of sizes, including: 15-3/4" wide by 43-1/4" high, 42-1/2" wide by 29" high, 43" wide by 42-3/4" high square units, and 56-1/2" wide by 42-1/4 high. These portable systems are just a small portion of a huge selection of available trade show booths and products!

The vast inventory of point-of-purchase products available here is rivaled by very few internet wholesalers. Live inventory is currently over 1 million products, ensuring most objects are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Some of the more popular lines of merchandise available include: tradeshow booths, exhibition banner stands, counter top graphics and portable pipe and drape systems. These custom artwork popups will take a little longer to acquire, as the design needs to be submitted and approved, and then printed, assembled to the frame, and shipped. Having completely custom graphics and panels for a trade show, exhibition or other public event is a great way to stand out from the competition. Let your creative juices flow, and come up with a truly unique and eye-catching design. Nowadays, aesthetics are everything. The most modern and standout tradeshow booths are often the ones that draw the most visitors. Ordering these three-dimensional modular systems is a great way to ensure your company's is one of the most viewed booths! A full selection of exhibit accessories are sold here. These counter top units can be found, along with pipe and drape booths, floor-standing 3-D popups, and much more in this online catalog! There is a large selection of easy-setup styles right here! They feature vibrant, full-color graphics to captivate onlookers at trade show events! All of these modular units are custom-designed to customers' exact artwork specifications!