Racks for LCD TV hold 42" to 72"+ Wide Monitors

LCD TV Racks for 42" to 72" Displays w/ Optional Shelving, & Literature Racks

TV Rack

What are racks for LCD TV? The general definition is; any floor stand used to display a flat panel monitor. These racks for LCD TV include a VESA mount that holds a specified size range of plasma televisions. These brackets are designed to fit on the back of most any flat screen monitor. Even though all of these racks for LCD TV come with the standard screws for production, some may require specific hardware that can be purchased at a local hardware store. Flat panel stands, like monitor mounts, also come with an optional tilting bracket. The tilt choice on these racks for LCD TV allows the viewer to change the viewing angle whenever needed. These plasma stands are commonly seen in casinos, hotel lobbies and trade show venues.

TV RackOne of the many professions that are starting to use these racks for LCD TV is the medical field. Doctors and other support staff use these mobile plasma stands to display patient information, or to show informational videos. Medical offices also use these racks for LCD TV in the waiting room in lieu of large entertainment centers. Many of these flat panel displays feature a shelf to place a keyboard or other supplies during a consultation. These racks for LCD TV are offered in a black or silver finish; neutral colors that will blend with other office equipment. These shelves are very versatile and can be adjusted vertically and horizontally in some cases. For the racks for LCD TV that feature casters, there are typically two or more that lock into place. The flat panel stands featured above without wheels do have plastic or rubber feet to keep the units stabilized.

These racks for LCD TV are perfect for use at a trade show.Besides the large selection of racks for LCD TV shown here there is also a diverse selection of stands for home use available. More and more homeowners are buying flat screen televisions, and no longer need the bulky wood entertainment centers. Many of these racks for LCD TV feature supplemental shelving to place a cable box, DVD player or electronic gaming units on. These shelves are also height adjustable allowing flexibility in the items that can be placed on these units. Additionally, some of these racks for LCD TV have tilting mounts. These brackets allow the monitor to be repositioned when necessary. There are also holes located in the vertical support of these racks for LCD TV that allow wires to be run behind the unit; keeping them out of sight, and giving an overall neat appearance. These plasma stands are also used in office lobbies, and hotel guest rooms.

Digital media has become common-place at trade shows and large conventions throughout the world. These racks for LCD TV serve as a means of displaying plasma televisions to broadcast informational videos. Trade show vendors typically want a flat screen stand that is both visually appealing and portable. There are many TV racks for LCD here that meet or exceed all of these requirements, and also have many other advantageous features. The best selling flat panel stand is the truss style display. These TV racks for LCD feature an aluminum truss design with a wood oval base, and a VESA mount. This flat screen stand is highly portable, and sets up in mere minutes. There is also an included canvas bag to place all of the components into and carry to the next show. There are no additional tools required to assemble these TV racks for LCD. These plasma mounts can hold a television either vertically or horizontally. There are also a select few TV racks for LCD that can hold two monitors on the same stand. All of these truss style plasma stands can be set up by one person.

The newest TV racks for LCD to join this line-up are these all in one booths. These configurations feature two plasma mounts, a large custom print backdrop and two carrying cases that double as presentation counters. The TV racks for LCD can hold up to 50" monitors in either a vertical or horizontal position. The framing for these all-in-one flat screen mounts are made of aluminum and feature a truss design. All of the components for these displays breakdown easily and fit into the two plastic carrying cases with ease. The unique design of this display will certainly stand out in a large crowd, and make passersby stop and take notice.

Is there any supplemental hardware required to mount a flat panel on these TV racks for LCD?
  • All of the necessary screws are provided with each purchase to mount a plasma television to these stands.
  • For some models specific supplemental screws may be needed to mount a flat panel monitor to these TV racks for LCD.
  • Any additional parts can be purchased at a local hardware store.
What size television can be mounted to these TV racks for LCD?
  • All of these flat panel mounts list the television size and or weight limitation on the product description page.
  • There is also a link to a supporting page that lists hundreds of television models and what TV racks for LCD are suitable for each individual unit.
  • Customers can always speak with a customer service representative for further assistance.

There are many other flat panel mounts offered here in addition to the selection shown above. Displays2go continues to design and build new marketing displays to help companies compete in the ever-changing business market. These plasma TV stands are offered in the complete line of flat screen mounts, as well as in a variety of styles to meet any need. This online catalog has over four thousand of items for sale, most are offered with same day shipping when ordered by 2PM EST.