LED TV Racks Accommodate 12" to 22" Screens

Floor Standing LED TV Racks for 12" - 22" Displays

Trying to make a visually beautiful display for a trade show, store front showcase, or home entertainment center? These LED racks, commonly referred to as television displays, help make even a 12" wide television get the attention of passersby. Easy to install, all of these models follow the standards set forth by VESA. All of the LED racks displayed here have the proper brackets for the television. In rare cases, users may need extra screws, but those can be found at any hardware store. These LED racks are shipped unassembled to cut down on costs and lead time. With models designed specifically for residential and corporate use, these offering represent some of the highest quality flat panel display options around. The LED racks from this page have all the amenities anyone could possibly want with a 12" to 22" wide screen. Use these marketing solutions liberally to create the most visually beautiful showcase imaginable!

LED Racks Where are these LED racks most commonly used?
  • Flat panel monitor brackets are ubiquitous at trade shows and conventions that demand television and Power point presentations to garner attention.
  • Kiosks in malls often have LED racks to advertise their specific computer software or innovations.
  • Any showcase can use these offerings to hold advertisements above large crowds.
What special options are available with these LED racks?
  • A tilting bracket allows users to adjust the screen to adapt to a specific eye-level height.
  • These LED racks can come with supplemental advertising options, such as a brochure holder, shelf, literature holders, banner poles, a poster frame, or bracket for another screen.
  • Place a locking case with a 17" drawer for stowing laptops or DVD players when moving this television showcase.

The most common LED racks offered are the 48" tall models in silver polished metal. These marketing solutions are designed for monitors from 12" to 22" and weighing less than thirty pounds. Each of these LED racks from this line includes a 100 x 100 VESA mounting system to fit hardware regulations. Optional tilting frames are available for those users interested in adapting screen levels. The tilting choice on these LED racks is exceptionally easy to control. Passersby are always more intrigued with a screen that it at their eye-level. All of these LED racks have plastic strips and slots in the metal pillar. The strips and pillar make it simple to conceal unsightly wires from customer view. These LED racks feature 24" wide bases for stability. The bases have openings for inserting wheels. Use the wheels for moving the showcase from one area to another in the store. Once the best position for the screen in the showcase is found, choose to either lock the wheels or remove them all together. These LED racks give the user complete control over the display.

LED Racks Additional accessories are available with these models. Attach a metal literature holder onto the post for extra advertisements. A booth at trade show is always more effective when it can dole out magazines, flyers, and other circulars. Along this same line are selections with various brochure cases. These selections have a nice three pocket container in clear acrylic. The rack with this brochure holder also includes a shelf that can fill a number of different options. These fixtures work great for spreading out catalogues, placing media players such as DVD players and laptops, keeping contact information, or simply having further explanation of the graphics on the monitor. Television racks also can hold poster frames. Frames are designed to advertise 18" x 37" graphics. The posters accentuate this LED fixture with vibrant images and colors. Advertise a variety of images with these models. These models either curve the posters or hold them straight and tall. Any graphic will fit conveniently into the grooves. Check out banner options for displays that require more than one graphic. Capable of holding two banners, one on each side of the rack, these items have 19" x 36" spaces for customized company graphics. Feel free to mix and match these accessories on one model. These offerings are capable of accommodating banners and literature holders, shelves and literature holders, and banners and shelves. Find the choice that is best for the particular showcase from this large collection.

Want to utilize various flat televisions in the showcase? Rack options are available that accommodate two or four 12" to 22" screens. All of these items are 72" high to attract passersby from a great distance away. These LED television displays feature posts with various channels built in. The channels make it easy to stow electrical wires that often distract from the overall showcase. The post of each from this line is made from a durable, silver polished aluminum. The two television screen models can be purchased with extra advertising solutions. This LED rack lets users attach metal literature holders, metal shelves, or banners. Make it easy to circulate brochures and magazines with two large literature pockets. Utilize a DVD player, laptop, or other media player with two convenient to reach shelves that can attach. The side banners aid the overall showcase with additional explanation of what is playing on the screen. The two screen styles all have wheels attached to the bottom for easy maneuvering. The four screen choice has optional locking wheels and two double VESA metal brackets. This style grants users the luxury of advertising four times the amount of information that single screen competitors can offer. When one monitor is simply not enough, try one of these models.

Another accessory for these offerings is a lockable laptop case that can attach to the base. The case is crafted from the same sleek material as the base and can be utilize in concordance with wheels. Displays2Go.com manufactures this accessory with combination locks on both sides and four screws for attaching to the base. This extra offering allows users additional convenience when moving or storing displays. A LED screen is not complete without this accessory.

For a more modern take on a television rack there is the curved post models. These television fixtures feature a sleek black polished metal exterior that can blend in with nearly any environment. The selections in this style are nearly 44" tall and tilt to reach any audience's eye-level. Weighing a little more than thirty pounds, each model is exceptionally convenient for users who travel to different trade shows and retail stores. The base on this television rack is a sturdy oval design. Clip television and other monitor cords into the post to hide long wires. These goods ship unassembled to save on shipping costs, but is easy to set up. Keep a well sorted and beautiful display with this offering.

If a residential entertainment center is necessary, this catalogue has the perfect suggestion. 49" tall metal displays with a glass shelf and base makes for a great television display in the living room. The adjustable glass shelf on these dispay is the ideal place for the DVD player and the glass base makes for a great accent with almost every décor. Equipped with the same wire holding devices as the other models, this offering is designed to hold heavier televisions and monitors. A fixture from this line is capable of securing screens weighing over 65 pounds. The pointed feet at the base add to its overall stability, while not damaging the floors. Although designed with home owners in mind, there is no reason why these LED models cannot be used in a retail store or public lobby. No matter which of these models is chosen, they are sure to garner a positive reaction.