Plasma TV Racks For Flat Screen TVs With Carrying Bag Included

Portable Trade Show Plasma TV Racks - Foldable & Comes w/ Carrying Case

The plasma TV racks each have an accessory included for more appeal! These plasma TV racks offer an easily transportable solution for use at trade shows and exhibits. Each unit is made of quality materials to last for years to come. The LCD stands, plasma TV racks are ideal for a number of different environments. The units will blend in with any surrounding easily. These plasma TV racks are designed to hold different sizes of televisions in order to best fulfill a customer's needs. These portable units area a great way for any company to garner further attention for their goods!

Why purchase these plasma TV racks? Customers now expect to be wowed at every turn while looking at potential merchandise. These plasma TV racks enable your business to show an intriguing presentation to catch more customers. By placing a large television on the monitor stand, your clients will be drawn into your booth. Gone are the days where static advertisements proclaiming the benefits of merchandise are enough to guarantee business. These plasma TV racks ensure your business is advertising merchandise using the cutting edge in technology to gain maximum attention. Being completely portable, the units can be brought to any location and set-up in a few minutes to begin gaining new customers for your company! The plasma rack can be placed next to furniture or other accessory choices in your trade show booth!

Are these portable plasma TV racks easy to assemble?
  • Each unit comes with a set of instructions for production.
  • Many of these plasma TV racks also include all the tools required for set-up.
  • Generally, each plasma rack can be set-up by one person in under 10 minutes with only simple tools required!
What types of businesses use these units?
  • These plasma TV racks can be used by any business in any location.
  • Companies that exhibit at trade shows utilize the stands to broaden appeal at their booth.
  • Retail stores (including furniture businesses) can use one of these plasma TV racks as a permanent fixture to promote specific items!

These LCD stands are all VESA compatible. VESA compatibility refers to an agreed upon standard hole pattern between manufacturers of televisions and mounting brackets to ensure monitors can be mounted without issue. Also standardized from VESA are the sizes of screws used to attach the mounts to the monitors. Each of these plasma TV racks available on this page include screws, spacers, and washers for mounting purposes. While most monitors can be attached without issue, some may require specific screws that can be purchased at any local hardware store. The mount with each of these plasma TV racks is designed to hold larger televisions, and should be able to fit the VESA sizes on every monitor, including the commercial televisions available on this website. These plasma TV racks, like a wall mount with a tilt bracket, display your television for all to see!

To tower above the crowd, some stands are over 10' tall! These plasma TV racks are used at trade shows and conventions to catch attention from across a room. These stands can hold (2) monitors in either Landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) format. The monitors can be displayed with one in each orientation to create an even more irresistible display. Carrying bags for holding all the components of these displays are included for transport. These accessory bags have both shoulders traps and handles to accommodate different individuals. In addition to providing an easy way to bring the units to and from events, these bags also help protect the stands from gathering dust and grime when not in use.

Some of the 10' stands have a truss design. These monitor holders feature self-screwing rods that do not require supplemental tools for production. In fact, the only tool needed is a screw driver for attach the mounts to the back of your television! Choose from either silver or black finishes, depending on the décor these pedestals will be placed in. These stands can hold (2) televisions that weigh less than 80 lbs. each and are up to 50" in size. For the VESA pattern, any of the following configurations will work: 200mm x 200mm, 400mm x 400mm, 600mm x 400mm. 300mm x 300mm will not work on this stand due to where the bracket rests on the stand itself. Safety clamps on the stand help to ensure the bracket stay securely in place. This LCD fixture is also capable of holding a single monitor mounted on the top of the unit!

If the 10' tall truss unit fits what your business desires, but are a little too big for your purposes, there are also 8' tall versions available. Like its taller brethren, these units also have the same self-screwing rods. For VESA compatibility, these smaller sizes can hold a 300mm x 300mm, 400mm x 200mm, 400mm x 400mm, & 600mm x 400mm. Due to where the mount bracket rests on these stands, use of television with a 200mm x 200mm hole pattern cannot be utilized. These monitor holders, like many tilt bracket holders, are also available in black or silver finish. One television can be mounted on the display in either landscape or portrait configuration. Two sets of poles are included with the mounting bracket in order to prevent the poles from being visible when a smaller television is mounted in portrait format!

There are two other 10' tall displays to choose from. One uses interlocking poles held together using set screws to hold the unit together. The brackets on this satin silver aluminum stand are adjustable for different heights, and can hold (2) monitors in either landscape or portrait orientation. An included carrying bag for transport holds all components of the display. The other available 10' tall monitor stand uses a travel case with wheels for transport. These wheels are also locking to stabilize the stand during transport. The display can easily be set-up in a few minutes by 1 person, and has leveling feet to ensure the stand is stable. Televisions can be displayed in either orientation and the adjustable mounts allow the monitors to be placed at the exact height your business requires. The several configurations for most monitors are available on the product page. Both of these stand options are VESA compatible for 200mm x 200mm, 300mm x300mm, 400mm x 400mm, 400mm x200mm, & 600mm x 400mm.

In addition to these LCD television stands, exhibit booths are also available! This booth features a large 10' wide x 8' tall stature. Two monitors can be mounted (in either orientation) on either side of the display. There are counters directly below each monitor. These accessory counters can be used to present from, hold electronic peripherals, display objects, or even act as an interactive station for customers to sample your wares. A wheeled travel case is used to house the components of these displays, and includes a counter-top & custom stick-on wrap to turn the case into a greeting counter! Conjoining the latest in technology with traditional promotional methods, the back of the unit can have an 8' x 8' graphic attached as an supplemental advertising opportunity. This graphic is fully customizable, and affixes to the display through 2" hook & loop touch fasteners. The unit works just as well without the graphic accessory, and its sleek truss design is sure to bring style to your company's presentation.

Many trade show exhibit displays are available to help your company stay ahead of the competition. The selection of tilt bracket options can be used by bars, restaurants, & in homes with furniture for displaying flat screen televisions on a wall. Additionally, the LCD pedestal holds (2) 50" television for recognition across a room at any event. Browse through all the commercial TVs to display on one of the fine television holders or wall mounts that are offered.

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