Glass Display Cases Ship Quickly

Glass Display Cases are Stocked for Accelerated Shipments!

These glass display cases ship quickly to save customers time! What qualifies a showcase as a "Quick Ship" unit? Some of these glass display cases are pre-assembled and then stocked in the warehouse, awaiting a customer order. Having the cabinets pre-assembled can save days, even as much as a week, depending on how many are ordered at once or during the course of a day. Other online resellers of glass display cases have very extensive lead times, which include both production time and transit time. With this selection of showcases, customers will have their order in a matter of days, not weeks! This selection of cabinets is not inadequate to small units for your countertop. In fact, this category includes such showcases as retail counters, stand-alone towers and even "against the wall" units. This enables customers to purchase fixtures to complete their retail location, and acquire those fixtures in a matter of days! No other online supplier can compete with this type of service.

What styles of cabinets are available with this "Quick Ship" offer?
  • Glass display cases for placement up against a wall. This type of showcase is very time consuming to build, due to the size and nature of these units. As a result, lead times for these types of glass display cases on competitors' websites can extend into at least a week for building. Most retail locations are unable to wait this long. This is why these glass display cases are pre-assembled and stocked in this warehouse.
  • Retail counters for use by several store and kiosk locations. These types of glass display cabinets generally take 2-3 days minimum to build, depending on customer order size. However, these are some of this company's most popular showcase units, even more reason to have them pre-assembled for accelerated shipments.
  • Tower showcases for placement within a store or boutique. These glass display cases are similar in design to the wall units previously mentioned. However, these units are generally on a smaller scale than the wall showcases, but can still take a few days to assemble as well. Competitors cannot compete with the lead times found on this website for glass display cases.
Glass Display Cases Include Both Towers and Counters! Besides a shortened lead time, what differentiates these showcases from others sold by online competitors?
  • These glass display cases are part of a comprehensive selection fixtures. The showcase is home to hundreds of showcase designs and sizes. With this big of a selection, customers are sure to find the glass display cases to suit both their budget and their store location.
  • This online catalog includes more than just a few retail counter and showcase options to choose from. With over 4,000 unique displays available, shop owners will find everything they need to display items both on top of and within the glass cases.
  • Most of the merchandise offered on this site are stocked for same day shipments. If an item is in stock, simply place your order by 1pm Eastern Time US, and that item will ship out from this stocked warehouse the very same day!
Glass Display Cases are Ideal for Retail Use!

This selection includes a wide variety of showcases to choose from. Quick-ship retail counters are available in a wide variety of styles. From economically-priced to high-end veneer, customers are sure to find the show case to suit their budget. The economically-priced MRC series of display case glass is available in 3 different laminate finishes: cherry, maple and black. Customers can purchase coordinating units by simply looking for the These Glass Display Cases are a Part of the MRC Series on this website. Customers will find register stands, half and full vision counters, ledgetop checkout counters and corner units, all in several lengths. This wide range of options enables users to create an entire store configuration with ease.

Another affordable choice is the frameless FRC units. Available in the same three finishes, these fixtures feature a more high-end look at the same low price of the MRC units. This is ideal for those purchasers looking to give their store a more upscale look without draining their entire budget. As a recent addition to this product line, 4' glass counters and corner units are available. However, customers will also find coordinating frameless showcases and pedestal displays to complete the look of your boutique.

High-end counters made from maple veneer are also available as well. Some of the units in this series include a Pionite Graphite surface, an ideal surface for checkout counters and register stands. This durable construction is much less likely to scratch or get damaged. Offered within this series are register stands in several widths, both open-back and closed-back corner units, as well as half vision jewelry showcases.

Stand-alone towers are ideal for use by several types of retail locations. These types of fixtures are often found used in jewelry stores, department stores, gift shops, art galleries and even museums. Tower show case units include traditional models with a metal extrusion, as well as more contemporary models with a frameless design. The frameless models are particularly useful when placing in the middle of a room, as this enables your customers to have a full view of the items on display. Most of these fixtures include tempered glass for safety purposes. Standard annealed glass, if/when it breaks, shatters into large, dangerous shards. Tempered glass, on the other hand, if/when it breaks, will shatter into smaller, more manageable pieces which are safer to clean up. These models also usually include a locking mechanism. This prevents theft and tampering with displayed objects for sale. In order to handle the objects, the customer must ask a salesperson to open the case. Usually large items and items of value, such as a trophy collection, jewelry, collectibles or electronics, are displayed within this type of show case. Many of these items include lights to create a setting for the objects within. Some units even feature both top and side lighting, to really "shed some light" on your valuables.

"Against the wall" cabinets are designed just for that, placement up against a wall. Most of these models include either a mirrored or laminate backing, unlike the stand-alone towers which have glass on all sides. These display cases glass also enable retail locations to display more objects at once. With most models including adjustable shelves, employees can also adjust the distance between each shelf to accommodate larger or smaller objects. These cabinets include either sliding or hinged doors for easy access to the offered merchandise, depending on the model/series. These display cases glass are offered in a variety of designs, including hexagonal and rectangular or square.

For customers looking to furnish their entire store, all from one convenient location, the search is over! This online superstore is home to thousand of other marketing displays. This company has 3 large warehouses, filled with over 1 million in stock items. This enables us to offer customers some of the shortest shipping lead times found anywhere on the web. This is also one of the key features that has made this company a leader in this niche industry. In business for over 35 years, Displays2go has grown to one of the grandest suppliers of stock fixtures and displays. Our customers have come to expect quality objects at affordable prices. Browse this online catalog today, to see all that this site has to offer.