VESA Wall Mounts with Universal Portrait & Landscape Design

VESA Wall Mounts & Brackets with Low Profile Universal Designs

VESA Wall Mount with Universal BracketThis VESA wall mount, or universal TV bracket, is different from many other monitor wall adapters in that it features very low profile. The slim design of each VESA bracket is perfect for homes, offices, and businesses. The VESA wall mounts with low profiles will fit almost any size television, so they can be used for any number of multimedia applications. The universal brackets are standardized by both television and mount manufacturers to ensure compatibility across a wide range of sizes. What makes the VESA wall mount so special? Horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) mounting is possible with most of these flat panel displays, which is ideal for creating unique presentations. Many users hang their monitor in vertical orientation to replicate the look of static posters. This hot new trend is one of the main reasons for the success of these brackets that hold LED & LCD televisions.

What makes these universal TV brackets so compatible?
  • The VESA wall mounts can handle just about any size television for sale on the market. Arm extensions are sold with many of the units, so that large or small screens can be accommodated.
  • The wall plates and adapters are also made with low profiles for a hidden or barely visible appearance, no matter if the monitors are hung in landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Hardware, including screws, spacers, and washers, is supplied with each purchase, so mounting LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, and other brands is relatively simple. Keep in mind that some makes and models may require additional hardware, which can be picked up at your local tool supply shop.

What specific hole sizes is the VESA bracket compatible for? The units range from 100mm x 100mm through 600mm x 400mm, in two orientations. VESA compatibility refers to the standard hole pattern on the back of monitors compared to television brackets. Having standardardized guidelines ensures that flat panel monitors and your mounting bracket will fit together without issue. Included with each display is an assortment of screws, washers, and spacers for installing your television. The monitor used with the universal TV bracket may require specific screws that can be purchased at a local hardware store. One of the best features of these wall racks is the ability to show a TV in vertical format, a style becoming more prevalent in the marketplace.

Universal TV BracketOne of the units features a black finish. Easily blending in with any décor, the versatile unit is made of durable materials to provide long lasting use. The rack can hold a 23" through 60" screens that weigh up to 132 lbs. The adapter plate is adjusted by simply loosening screws and sliding the two sides out. This innovative design allows larger sizes to be mounted with ease. Monitors can be positioned in either landscape or portrait orientation. Extension arms can be attached to each bracket to hold larger televisions as well. The flat screen adapter kit will remain hidden behind the television no matter what orientation it is displayed. Each extension arm features adjustable screws that keep the arms securely on the plate. Sticking out only 3-1/4" from the wall, this unit has a very slim profile. The arms can even be angled downward up to 15° for better viewing options.

Where can the universal TV mounts & brackets be used?
  • The displays are designed to be used in any indoor environment.
  • Hotel lobbies and convention centers show TVs to greet customers or entertain guests while they wait.
  • Place your plasma, LCD, or LED TV on the wall in your home to free up floor space for other furniture.

Low Profile TV BracketAnother available display is one of the more versatile TV brackets available. The flat screen adapter kit can fit 100mm x 100mm through 600mm x 400mm. There are two sets of arms and two sets of brackets included with this one display. The four sets of arms and brackets are different lengths so they can better fit your TVs. The display holds a 23" through 63" LCD or LED monitor that weighs up to 165 lbs. Anchors and screws are included to install the unit into most surfaces. The bracket and arms stick out only 1-1/2", a thin profile that will barely be visible once installed. The two mounting plates are included especially for use with televisions mounted in portrait format. The smaller of the adapter plates can be used to ensure the bracket is not visible when using monitors in the vertical orientation! The flat screen bracket kit also has a bubble level included for assistance when mounting. Ensuring your television is level will help prevent complications when your plasma TV is installed.

One of the other available plasma displays can hold a 32" to 50" television. This unit also includes a level for help during installation. A large selection of screws, spacers, and washers provide all that is needed to install your television. The flat screen kit has a black finish with chrome poles for a stylish look that is appealing in any environment. The mounting arms are able to tilt the monitors with ease, either up or down 15°. Angling your television will provide audiences at home or in a business with a better viewing experience. Clips on the top of the mounting arms feature easy-turn thumb screws for securely keeping the arms on the chrome poles.

These plasma brackets are designed for both landscape and portrait orientation. In addition, they are able to hold different sizes of monitors with ease. The flat screen racks feature a design that is compatible with many sizes to ensure almost all customers can install their televisions on these units. Displays2Go has been providing quality goods at great prices since 1974. Our selection of ceiling displays, universal wall brackets, television stands, & many other styles of flat panel monitor displays provide different options for each business. The online catalog has over 7000 unique products to choose from in an array of categories. Over 90% of all merchandise ships same day when in stock & ordered by 2PM EST. Order from Displays2Go, America's largest display warehouse, today!