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Tent Banner Signs Easily Unfolds Into Tent-Shape For Advertising On Sports Fields

Tent banner signs are an increasingly popular form of advertising. Big companies that often sponsor large-scale special events purchase the folding fabric advertising tents to get their name across to general audiences. A business can always use all the exposure they can afford, and a tent banner sign is a great way to increase public awareness! While they are most often used for advertising, they can also simply be decorations. These outdoor tent banner signs stand on their own on various surfaces, from soil & gravel to concrete and artificial turf. From high school football games to pee-wee cheerleading, Major League soccer action to the NBA, a tent banner sign is a common sight!

Tent Banner Is Great For Golfing Events!Is your company planning on hosting an outdoor event and looking for a tent sign as a decoration? This portable selection is just what you have been looking for! There is a tent banner sign for every need. Hosts may get some oval or rectangular sideline banners with the event name or logo to sprinkle around the grounds or fields. Corporate sponsors can buy more to place in strategic locations to communicate their name, business or available services to a target audience. The wide variety of tent banner signs ensures there is a style that is right for everyone! Choosing the right size and shape depends on the space available at the event, the budget of the planners and/or sponsors, and the desired impact on the market. A larger tent banner sign is sure to capture more attention than a smaller advertising tent, but does it fit into the budget? Will it physically fit where it needs to be placed outdoors? There are many queries to be answered. Taking a look at the varied sizes and styles offered is a great way to answer those queries!

Tent Banner Signs Are Custom-Printed! What Makes A Tent Banner Ideal for Use Outdoors?
  • Mesh Polyester Fabric
    • allows wind passage
    • is weatherproof
  • Included galvanized steel ground stakes fit through metal loops to secure the tent banner sign to soft ground, like dirt, sand, snow or grass
  • Distancing straps keep tent-shaped displays upright in numerous weather conditions. Place water or sand bags (not included) over the straps on harder surfaces, like concrete, asphalt or artificial turf.
It looks so large, how is the tent banner sign easy to transport?
Tent banner is set up and disassembled VERY quickly!
  • Although it looks large, the advertising sign is exceptionally lightweight (the grandest weighing less than 10 lbs.)
  • Flexible fiberglass rods bend to fold down the entire display. Simply collapse the sign, twist, and fold in half!
  • An included carrying bag is the final step to quick, easy and lightweight transport of this highly effective marketing & advertising tool! The heaviest bag (with galvanized steel ground stakes inside) weighs less than ten pounds!

With these tent sign banners, one thing customers will not have to worry about is choosing the right color! Users submit their own artwork to be printed directly onto the A-frame canopy material! Some printing styles & formats are somewhat restrictive. For example, some vector-based artwork templates only allow certain solid colors (no gradients), a minimum shape size, and a limit to the number of colors used on a single tent advertiser. Digital printing does not have any of these restrictions. Digital printing is like printing straight off a color printer. There are no restrictions on colors, gradients, size, detail or any other factors. Customers can choose from a huge spectrum of colors and get as intricate as they would like in their design. Of course, it is always good to keep certain things in mind, like how clear you would like your message to be or how far away potential customers, clients, patrons or viewers may be standing on the field or wherever the fabric banner sign may be.

Although these tent banner signs are designed for use outside, they are also commonly found at trade shows and conventions. Exhibitors at these events are often competing for the attention of attendees. These tent or event displays provide a highly-visible means of displaying a company logo or name, making a booth instantly recognizable! There are many more unique merchandise, designed to make a tradeshow exhibit a success! From gazebo tent booths to portable tables, counters, all-in-one displays and more, there is something for every lead exhibitor! As for gazebo options alone, users can choose from a hexagonal gazebo, square gazebo, or rectangular gazebo. These portable, foldable banners are very similar to larger banner walls or multi-panel displays. Both styles of exhibit displays include custom-printed materials on a variety of fabrics. Whether the need is a display for outdoors or inside, these are the perfect choice!

These A-frame popups are available in (5) different sizes and styles. Four of the five are oval-shaped tent displays. These are the traditional design, seen everywhere from a road race to a county fair, sports field or sideline, golf course and more!. The oval stands are available in (4) different sizes, from relatively small (even ideal for tabletop use), to very large! A business or customers can choose the correct size for their individual needs. They are available in: 47" wide by 27" tall, 78-1/2" wide x 39" high, 98" wide by 38" tall and an extra-large 107" wide by 53" tall. Lastly, there is a 78" x 39" rectangular tent-shaped banner sign. This shape is a little less traditional for these types of displays, but quite popular. The rectangle popups present an opportunity to place various pieces side by side, with no gaps in between, presenting a solid wall of advertisements! This is great for sideline advertising!

Some of the most common purchasers of these popup canopy A-frames are large companies. They buy in bulk to either bring or send the portable tent displays to sponsored special events. One of the most important, if not the most important, jobs when planning a large-scale indoor or outdoor event is to get corporate sponsors. Sponsorship is what clearly makes a special event, like a golf tournament or road race, become a reality. Before any of the details are finalized, or sometimes even thought about, planners need to be sure there is enough funding to clearly hold an event. Many businesses jump at this opportunity, especially large companies with extensive amounts of capital. However, most are not going to just write a check and that is the end of it. If they are investing, they need something in return (also known as a return on their investment). In most cases, what companies are looking for is their name heavily-promoted in and around the event. From print advertisements in brochures, programs and newspapers to callouts on multimedia channels to on-site advertising, sponsors are looking for it all. Providing their own displays, such as these tent banner signs, is a great way to ensure their name is highly visible. Companies either send their own employees or ship the fabric-covered frames to event staff to set up around the event. And, thanks to their lightweight, portable design, these popups are easy and cheap to ship!

These banner signs are just a small portion of the huge selection of merchandise available at Displays2Go. In addition to these outdoor tent banner signs, the company also offers hundreds of different tent, gazebo and canopy options to make your next special event memorable. Available displays include: gazebo booths (5 half wall gazebo, 3 half wall gazebo, 10' x 10' gazebo, full color digital printing gazebo & more!), canopy tents (square canopy, blue canopy, red canopy, white canopy, custom-printed canopy), printed market umbrellas, banner poles, street banners, custom GiantPole flags & much, much more!

This company has been in business for over 38 years. It was founded on a few major principles: quality merchandise, competitive prices, extensive selection and knowledgeable customer service. These still drive the business today. There are many different options (in fact, upwards of 4,000) when choosing an item for your business. Some feature custom-printing with user-submitted artwork. Others are stock items that are almost always available with same day shipping when ordered by 1pm EST. No matter what the needs of a particular business, Displays2Go is there to make satisfying those needs a little easier.