Model Display Cases In Many Styles and Sizes

Model Display Cases - Showcase Diecast Cars, Sports or Retail Items on Countertops

These model display cases are suitable for retail or specialty shop locations.Are you looking for model display cases? Here customers will find a wide selection of acrylic fixtures suitable for both commercial and residential use. There are memorabilia cases for sale here that can hold one individual item, or many different items. Additionally, many of these counter top showcases are made of acrylic instead of glass, thereby making them lighter and less of a hazard if broken. Some of these diecast display cases feature either an aluminum extrusion frame, or a wooden base to add to the overall stability. Due to the clear acrylic design of many of these diecast car cabinets; there is no need for additional track lighting. The majority of these cases are ready for immediate shipment. All of the acrylic ship model fixtures shown here are shipped via standard ground or air shipping; therefore customers could potentially acquire their goods the next business day in most instances. Buy these model display cases for your home or business to help protect and showcase precious items.

Hundreds of model display cases to choose from here.Avid sports fans that collect autographed items such as balls, helmets, or NASCAR scale cars, use these plastic cubes to store their valuable memorabilia. These model display cases can also be used to present a new piece of objects in an upscale retail store or boutique. For the collector with multiple items to exhibit; there are units here that have shelves that can hold large quantities of collectibles. Some of these model display cases include an acrylic riser to keep a ball or other round item in place. There are plastic fixtures here of many shapes and sizes in an effort to satisfy most showcasing needs. Use these model display cases to show off your latest creation of a model ship or car. Likewise, museums typically use these small counter top cabinets to create an enticing focal point for educational purposes. Whether these model display cases are being used in a home or a large art gallery, they will complement the displayed item nicely without distracting the viewer.

Use these model display cases to showcase die cast trains, model ships, or scale models.The latest item to join this product line-up is the acrylic showcase with aluminum framing. This model display case features plastic panels with silver or black metal extrusion. This small scale exhibit is suitable for the permanent display of a single item. These countertop cases feature a locking frame that requires an Allen wrench to unlock and remove the cover to change out a ship model, or diecast car. The acrylic is well-packed to avoid any breakage during the shipping process. Use this model display case to exhibit a trophy or other accolades. This plastic and aluminum fixture is not conducive for areas that change out displayed items frequently. The thin silver or black extrusion allows for a more complete view of the ship, car, helmet or other collectible contained within. Click on any of the images above to see the complete selection of merchandise offered here.

What are some of the benefits to using this model display case?
  • These small showcases don't take up a lot of precious counter space, yet still offers a sizable area to exhibit small precious pieces.
  • It provides a means of controlling access to customers, as well as protecting objects from dust and other airborne contaminants.
  • Showcasing items in this diecast display on top of a retail countertop keeps them out of reach of curious children.
    What types of locations is this display commonly used?
  • Retailers use these plastic cabinets to showcase expensive or fragile objects.
  • Museums use these to feature an artifact or scale model.
  • Small specialty shops like to use this acrylic countertop fixture to limit access to high-end objects, yet still allow patrons full-view of the displayed item.

All of these plastic and acrylic diecast display fixtures are made with high quality merchandise. Many of these model display cabinets include locking capabilities to further secure the displayed items. There is a wide variety of items here that are suitable for displaying ship and scale models, as well as collectible diecast cars. Museums and art galleries tend to use these acrylic fixtures to showcase valuable items, or to segregate different period pieces.

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