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Restaurant Hostess Stands & Valet Podiums for Customer Service

Restaurant Podium These restaurant podiums are sold in a wide variety of styles, perfect for most environments. Many locations will find these displays an eye-catching way to greet customers. The restaurant podium selection features lecterns in different finishes to best fit in with your location. Valet stations, units with wheels, stands with audio systems, and more are available versions of these displays. Why should your business use the restaurant podiums? These products include units with shelves that are used to hold napkins, pagers, menus, and more at the front of most locations. No matter what kind of institution yours is, having a quality display to greet customers as they enter will make them feel welcome!

Customers readily identify a restaurant podium as a place where they can gather information. Utilizing shelves within a display allows a hostess or host to provide patrons with the services they require. These restaurant podiums, also known as valet stations, include units that have wheels for easy mobility. The displays are made of durable materials to last for many years. This restaurant podium is a small example of the many lecterns that are available for purchase. Each display has a unique feature, setting it apart from the others used for your company. The hostess stand, restaurant podium is sure to be a focal point for guests as they enter your business. Order today for your company!

What should I look for in a valet podium?
  • Sturdy, durable designs that will last over years of continued use.
  • Appealing design that welcomes patrons to any area of your business.
  • Shelves within hostess stand to hold several items.
Where can these lecterns be used?
  • Many restaurants use a hostess stand to greet customers as they enter.
  • Some of these units are valet stations that are used outside to identify to customers that valet parking is available at your bar or institution.
  • Some include sound equipment to call customers and request their presence in areas.

Valet StandThese lecterns include a large selection of hostess stand options. When customers enter your bar, having a stylish lectern to meet them is the best first impression to give. The different hostess stands include inner shelves for placing the necessary accessories for your institution, such as silverware, pagers, napkins, and even breath mints. The top of the displays are ideally used for placing reservation books. The elegant displays can be used by any company without issue. Most of the units have a slanted reading surface that allows for comfort while filling out seating charts and greeting guests. As an added bonus, a slanted surface prevents employees from leaning over the top of the entire unit.

Many of the valet lectern options are available in a wide variety of different finishes. Choosing the right finish for your décor is an important choice that will have a lasting effect on your business. As guests will likely be met with these displays as soon as they enter your institution, it is best to have a color that blends in seamlessly with your location. From oak, walnut, and mahogany to cherry, brass, chrome or classic black, this large selection of items is sure to have something to fit in with your company.

Customer Service PodiumsThe valet stations available in this category are heavy-duty units ready for years of use. These stations feature hooks for placing keys that are noticeably marked to help prevent mishaps. These stands have locking doors and drawers to securely hold the keys of parked cars for patrons. The personal belongings of employees can be placed in these units as well. Each unit has a slot built into one of the locked areas to slip cash tips and used tickets into without the need of exposing a money box. Each unit is made of steel to be used in heavily trafficked areas. The top of one of the counters is brushed stainless steel, creating an incredibly strong counter surface. The base of each unit has wheels for transporting the units around a parking lot in front of your business. One of the stands has (4) wheels, with two locking to stabilize the unit once in a desired position. The other stand requires the unit to be leaned in order to be moved, leaving a stabilized display once all (4) feet are firmly on the ground. Also included with these valet stations is a slot to put an umbrella, in order for customers to readily identify where they can drop their cars off before they enter your bar, restaurant, or other business. Up to a 1-5/8" umbrella can be placed within this holder. A thumb screw helps hold the umbrella in the holder, which goes all the way through the display so that they umbrella remains firm.

These lectern styles include some with an upscale design. These particular displays can also be used at convention centers, offices, and schools for seminars. Having a good pulpit to speak from helps draw attention to the orator from the room, and will improve any presentation. Many of the lecterns have side shelves built into the units. Some of these shelves even slide into the side to be hidden when not in use! Each of these shelf options is a great spot to put a projector to make a more visually exciting presentation.

Many of these lectern choices have an optional sound system. By using a microphone, people speaking from the pulpits reach a broader audience. Using a sound system is great for restaurants that want to announce to waiting guests when their table is ready. A lectern with a sound system is a lower-cost alternative to wiring your business with a complete sound system throughout the institution. Many of the sound systems available have a wireless option with chargeable batteries. Using a wireless system allows a person at the hostess stand to be free to walk around and assist wait staff and customers while retaining the ability to speak to guests waiting for their table!

These lecterns are just some of the great supplies for restaurants that are offered to outfit your business. Some include scratch resistant surfaces and a large working surface that can be used to place any number of informational books. Some of these floor lecterns have the unique feature of wheels on the base, allowing for easy mobility. The different finishes available with these units, including oak, mahogany and cherry, allow your business to choose the proper display for your décor.

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