Pipe and Drape for Trade Show Backdrops w/ Knock-Down Design

Trade Show Pipe & Drape Backdrops w/ Knock Down Design - Available with Sidewalls

This pipe and drape will serve a modish backdrop for trade show booths. This fixture is superior to typical booth backdrops in every way. These backdrop displays come with a whole host of features that offered at no higher cost. Many typical booth backdrops that do indeed have multiple features are expensive. The continuous use of a rental can also prove to be very costly. These pipe and drape units can do more for less. Some of the exhibit booths have both a backwall and sidewalls while some only have a backwall. So why settle for a rental, when this booth display can be purchased for cheap.

So what are the benefits to purchasing this pipe and drape? The greatest benefit is that this exhibit booths backdrop can do more than the average trade show display at a much cheaper cost. This portable event booths can be applicable in multiple settings as well. The sleek design will draw in customers and attract business. The smart, economical choice would be to purchase this pipe and drape as opposed to using a rental instead, especially if your profession requires constant use of this kind of display.

Pipe and drape

This booths backwall comes with all of the required parts for assembly. The pipe and drape included are durable and will last for many years to come. On the metal pipes are release buttons, which allow for the pipes to be simply snapped onto each other. Thumbscrews are also included as opposed to normal screws. Thumbscrews are much easier to use. All that is needed is an able thumb. There are metal foot bases that help keep the structure stable and steady. Overall assembly is by far one of the easier systems out there. This pipe and drape can be set up easily within a thirty minutes Only able hands and a screw driver are needed. Other event displays have assembly systems that are more complex and time consuming.

What can this unit be used for?
  • Backdrop for trade show event booths.
  • Serve as a space to conduct business
  • Can serve as a backdrop at a wedding event or stage production

One of the greatest benefits this item offers is portability. Two carrying bags come with the purchase. These bags can hold all of the required parts of the trade show backdrops. One bag can hold all of the metal parts, while the other bag holds the drapes. Portable display booths can be really helpful. With the assembly process being one of the better systems available, this unit can be packed up and moved off to another area quickly. This can be very helpful for a stage production, where multiple stage sets need to be moved and set up. Typical display booths do not offer portability, and the process of assembling and breaking down these merchandise can be rather arduous. This trade show display can be packed up and set up in a timely manner saving precious time. Please note that this feature is offered at no extra cost. Other display booths or rentals with portability are normally much more expensive.

Why purchase fixtures from this online store?
  • This item is in stock.
  • If order is placed by 2PM Eastern then the order is shipped out the same day.
  • This along with many other event display merchandise can be purchased at a low price.

Another great feature that this item offers is that drapes are fire resistant. This is a major safety feature. If a fire were to ever break out, the drapes would not be damaged. Normally this is a feature that would add greatly to the overall cost of the item. The cost of the fire resistant fabric is already added in. Typical booth backdrops would charge extra for this feature. Safety is one of this unit's strongest features.

This wedding backdrop comes in multiple colors. Blue, black, white, and burgundy are the offered colors that all coordinate with multiple settings. All of the colors are priced the same. This backdrop booth can be used at a media event, wedding, or stage production. The sidewalls create an enclosed space that is perfect for engaging customers.

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