Booth Backdrops for Trade Show Use w/ Knock-Down Design

Backdrops for Trade Show Booths & Red Carpets

What are booth backdrops? These event banners incorporate custom printing as well as an easy-to-assemble design for use by a variety of locations, including wedding reception sites, media and press conferences, and trade show events. These particular booth backdrops are affordable, and ship out in just a matter of days. Custom printed graphics are a great way to showcase your business and stand out amongst competitors. Booth backdrops also provide customers with an image that can be associated with your store or business.

What are some of the uses for these booth backdrops?
  • Makeshift altar for a wedding reception.
  • Background for a photo or media event.
  • Booth backdrop for a trade show.
  • Onstage prop for a theater or dance production.

What are benefits to purchasing these backdrop stands over similar graphic displays available through other online sources? One of the biggest advantages is that these units can be assembled easily. Booth backdrops, also called pipe and drapes, come with all of the required parts for assembly. Thumbscrews are included, which enable users to simply screw the metal components together. There are also easy release buttons on each metal component, enabling the pipes to be connected by simply snapping them onto each other. The metal components are made from a lightweight material for ease of use. Some booth backdrops come with 12 concealed hooks on the backside of the fabric, for users to hang their graphics from the metal crossbar. The printed trade show banners also come with two touch fastern strips (also known as hook & loop) on the top and bottom of each side to attach to the upright poles. Unlike other booth backdrops that may wrinkle, these graphics will remain taught, ideal for use during a wedding reception or as a photo background for a media event.

Another great benefit of these booth backdrops is that some come with two carrying bags. These carrying bags are used to hold all of the required parts of the trade show display. One bag can hold the custom printed graphics, while the other holds the metal pipes, foot bases, and hardware. The light weight of the backdrop stand's frame enables these pipe and drape units to easily be carried. The bags also make each unit portable. This feature can be especially helpful when setting up a wedding reception, trade show, or media photo shoot.

These backdrop banners also come with custom printed graphics. Each graphic is printed using your supplied artwork. A dye-sublimation print process is used, to ensure your banners have a photo-like quality. Dye-sublimation printing uses heat to transfer dye onto different types of materials. Your artwork is initially printed onto transfer paper with the reverse image of your final graphic. Then, the image is transferred with a heat press onto the polyflex fabric. While the fabric is heated under this high temperature and pressure, the dyes turn into gases which permeate and solidify into the flag's fibers. The design is now permanently fixed so it can be washed without risk of damaging the image's quality. Colors are extraordinarily brilliant with this type of printing, due to the bonding of the dye onto the fibers of the fabric.

What are the benefits of using a printed graphic?
  • Capture the attention of customers and gain favorable reception from customers.
  • Colorful back drops are sure to stand out amongst competitors.
  • Create a more professional, cohesive appearance during events, such as a wedding reception or press conference.

These media backdrop stands come in various sizes, including 8' wide and 10' wide. Because tradeshows often allot space to exhibitors in 10ft increments, both the 8'w and 10'w banner options will fit within the space allotted to your company. Due to the lightweight construction of these banners, transporting them to events should be a breeze!

Trade show staff enforces rules and regulations onto each exhibitor attending the event. One of the biggest rules is that displays must be fire resistant. These pipe and drape fixtures feature fire resistant fabric. Unlike vinyl or canvas banners, these particular displays feature a special type of material to conform with event guidelines and restrictions.

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