Portable Tradeshow Exhibits w/ Custom and Hook & Loop Fabric Panels

Folding Portable Tradeshow Exhibits w/ Options like Custom Graphics, Spotlights & Headers

These portable tradeshow exhibits are ideal for small or large presentation spaces.Who typically buys these portable tradeshow exhibits? Most of these folding exhibition systems are purchased by businesses, schools or non-profit organizations who attend conventions on a regular basis. These portable tradeshow exhibits are great for small business owners who want to start attending trade shows, but don't have a large budget to spend on custom banner stands, or other pricey pop up booths. All of these fabric panel hook & loop displays feature a huge area to showcase promotional signage, marketing literature and other accessories to help promote your business. The portable tradeshow exhibits for sale here are offered in various color choices such as; blue, black, red and gray. Some of these folding hook & loop tradeshow panels feature two colors for example; (black on one side and gray on the other). This is like getting two folding booth displays for the price of one! All of these trade show stands come with an included carrying case or bag(s). These containers provide ease of portability and offers protection during transport and storage. Many of these portable tradeshow exhibits are also offered with a custom text header. These headers provide a means of displaying a company name or simple logo. The portable tradeshow exhibits that feature a custom header have a four day delay prior to shipping in order to create the header. Several stock text colors are offered as well as one standard font.

    Are these portable tradeshow exhibits able to be set up by one person?
  • Although these folding exhibition systems are lightweight and easy to manage, we do recommend two people for assembly.
  • Some of these portable tradeshow exhibits with ten panels go together much more quickly with the help of an assistant.
  • These hood and loop display systems can be carried by one person with the included bag(s).
    Can these portable tradeshow exhibits be configured in designs other than those shown here?
  • The folding trade show booth shown here can be positioned in many other patterns other than those shown on this page.
  • Some of the triangle portable tradeshow exhibits can be separated to be used on a counter or tabletop.
  • For questions regarding any of these booth displays contact a consumer service representative, or click on one of the images above for further details.

These portable tradeshow exhibits can be configured in many different ways.Assembly of these portable tradeshow exhibits is exceptionally easy and requires no tools to complete. Although the set up is simple, it does require the help of an assistant, as these folding booth systems are large and bulky for one person to handle. These portable tradeshow exhibits feature plastic channels and tabs that snap into one another for a secure fit. Set these folding booth systems up as shown here, or in an open design, or any pattern that suits the need at hand. Use these fabric panels to display important information in a classroom, or at a business conference. These custom stands make a great backdrop for an event or expo.

Use these portable tradeshow exhibits to display promotional signage and other pertinent marketing literature.One of the newest product lines to join these touch fastener display booth systems are these triangle towers. These pop up exhibition stands are offered in black and blue, and come with an included carrying case that can also be converted into a presentation counter. All three sides of the booth as well as the skirting for the case are made of fabric that allows users to attach accessories to them with hook & loop style touch fasteners. Also included with these custom exhibition systems are halogen spotlight that attach to the top of the framing. This additional lighting will help to highlight specific promotional signage or literature. These pop up stands can be used at trade shows, conventions, meetings or job fairs. There are also matching units in a four-sided configuration sold here. Buy these pop up booths before 2PM EST and they ship out today!

In addition to the folding trade show booths featured on this page there is also a wide range of other supplies such as; banner stands, pop up graphics and other custom displays. This online catalog contains all of the necessary trade show accessories needed to create an exciting and successful exhibition. Shoppers can also browse through the thousands of other point of purchase displays offered here. Other lines of objects for sale here include; poster frames, magazine racks, display cases and much more. Do you need help designing a trade show booth, or have questions regarding what banner stand to buy? Visit the home page for a brief synopsis of some the more popular display products available. This online retailer has been doing business for over 40 years, and still continues to grow and change with the times. What began as one person's hobby of making simple acrylic fixtures and then selling them to local financial institutions and other large corporations has now become one of the country's leading source for all POP displays! Now, with a staff of over 250 employees and a warehouse containing over two million units, this corporation is a trusted supplier of quality goods. By maintaining such a sizable inventory; lead times are kept to a minimum; in most cases shipping the same day an order is placed. Orders processed past the 2PM EST cutoff are shipped the next business day. We thank all of our customers who continue to shop with us, and look forward to being of service for many years to come!